A Universal Pictures Special Present a Sean

Providing Direct Sean for Actors on the World Stage

The Universe City Play House and Theatre Company was primarily Established to protect the The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Trust obligate-Sean’s.

The Idea was to Create an entirely new Venue separate from My primary home address at vondehnvisuals.com where I could hold State Actors accountable for trespass upon My Trust obligate Sean’s without having to rant to My regular readers about the continuous corruption taking place in Canada’s courts. 

After four years of being a victim of criminal fraud, psychological and emotional abuse, and Willful trespass upon on My Spiritual beliefs and convict-Sean’s, it was beginning to take a toll on the overall tone of My blog which was polluting the original intent Sean and sentiment of it.

My Writing is meant to be uplifting, for inspire a Sean, not for continually complaining about the corruption of State Actors.  That is a niche audience all its own and deserves its own Play House where We can all make Fun together.

Although I’m Calling it the Universal High Court of the King’s Bench, this Court Will have a Dramatic Theme and Will be Directed more like a Virtual Theatre Company.


the kingdom, the power, and the glory

a man

Don’t be fooled into thing King that just because We’re Calling it a Play House and Theatre Company that Judgements awarded against State Actors here Will not be binding.  The purpose of Calling this a Play House is to make the People feel more comfortable, not State Actors!  

State Actors have a very specific Role to Play on the world Stage and they are taking a lot of taxpayer money to do it, so I am thing King if they are not Willing to provide Academy level performances, they should probably be cut from the Cast altogether.

After all the corruption I’ve exposed in Canada’s Courts, it’s hard for Me take a ‘real’ Court any more seriously than a Play House or Theatre Company.  If I hadn’t developed a sense of humour reporting on their corruption carried out with such impunity, I Truly believe I would have lost My Mind.

As eccentric and unconventional as I Will concede to be, I assure You I am perfectly sane and Will continue to tell tales of corrupt State Actors with something of a satirical, comedic tone not with intent to undermine the serious nature of the trespasses of State Actors upon their People, but in hopes of offering some comic relief to lighten the load for People subject to these criminal clowns posing as public servants.  

I’m going to Give State Actors a mark on the world Stage so that the People can Give them the Direct-Sean necessary to put them in their place once and for all.

Despite the candid nature of the Court, all due Common Law process of Law Will be incorporated into all Scenes Presented by this Product-Sean Company.  Completed Scenes Will be made into downloadable pdf files that Will serve as a Common Law Court of Record for the People that were parties to the proceedings. 

The Trust Will also be seeking international recognition as an official organize a Sean by the Hague – True Story.  I Will Keep People Posted.

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