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Scenes, Spectacles and Scandals State Actors are Per-Forming on the World Stage right now.

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Hall of Shame

All the corrupt State Actors, from public servants Trusted to care for some of Canada’s most marginalized People, to Superior Court Jester’s posing as Judges perverting the Rule of Law in abdication of their Oath, You’ll find all of it here!

Echo Chamber – OPEN NOW!!!

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Got a Script for State Actors that You are thing King might make the final cut and Wish to Show it in My Universe City Play House?

That’s what I’m here for.

All reasonable Scripts Will be accepted, Magical Roles Will be Cast, State Actors Will be Summoned. 

I Give You My Word.

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Wanted for treason

Every single one of these State Actors used their Trusted position of office to pervert the rule of Law, steal property, and trespass upon a Trust Instrument with malicious, criminal intent to cause harm. 

These sociopaths continue to conspire with My brother and sister using the Crown Courts as a cloak for their fraud to launder their dirty deeds, and with criminal intent to evade $3 million in insurance claims waiting to proceed against My Father’s Estate – all so they can enjoy all the spoils to their Self. 



Some of the most Honourable and upstanding People One could ever hope to meet, and so Good to know these are the People Trusted to protect the Constitutional rights and inherent Treaty rights of the Sovereign People in Canada’s Courts.  I Trust the satire in My tone is tangible?

The six mug shots below identify the treasonous traitors to Canada’s People (and their own profession, really – they just damage the credibility of the entire judicial system), and I Will be continually updating as I acquire more mug shots.  I guess We could call them por-traits, for traits of treason?

The Tribunals section Will include all corruption by State Actors who are NOT representatives of the Ontario Superior Court (or any other court for that Matter), that have Trusted Fiduciary obligate Sean’s to Canada’s People and have breached that Trust with malicious, criminal intent.  The list includes every single member of Ottawa’s city council, and the vice chair from the Social Benefits Tribunal, so stay tuned!














A Special Archive Featuring Ontario’s Tribunals and the incomprehensible Degree of incompetence demonstrated by the Social Benefits Tribunal’s Vice Chair, Brian Killick.

The Default Judgement awarded against Ontario Works is still the most downloaded document of all time on vondehnvisuals.com.

Not to be missed, Trust Me. 

Enter the Tribunals

echo chamber

Audio Recordings of Real Superior Court hearings featuring judges, clerks, lawyers, all using their legal prowess to pervert the Rule of Law with malicious, criminal intent, and in violate-Sean of their Oath to the People and the Court.

Echo Chamber