Social benefits tribunal hearing: vice chair, brian killick

This may well be the most astounding Present a Sean by a State Actor ever!  At the very start of the hearing, Brian Killick is reminded that the rights portion of the Appeal before the Tribunal concerns trespass upon a Trust Instrument, and that Ontario Works agents are ignoring the Trust Instrument with malicious intent.  That one Act alone carries with it multiple, indictable (federal), criminal offenses in Canada, beginning with breach of Trust.  Trespass, mischief, fraud, extorsion, bondage, treason, are some of the other potential charges under Canada’s Criminal Code.

Despite this, he not only does nothing to stop the trespass upon the Trust Instrument, he attempts to ignore the fact that I’m Acting as the Trustee and Executor for the artificial person, and colludes with Ontario Works, further enabling their criminal trespasses on a Court of Record.  Of course, Brian Killick tells Me that Recording the proceedings is prohibited.  I tell Brian I don’t care, it’s not prohibited in My Court, and this is My Claim, and My Trust obligate-Sean, and therefore everything related to is is My intellectual property because none of it could exist without My Divine Inspire a Sean.  The Trustee and Executor of the Res property determines how the property Will be governed.

At this point Ontario Works have already been Noted in Default for their trespasses upon the Trust Instrument to the Tune of $101,000,000.00 (one hundred and one million dollars) for six years of continuous trespass upon the Trust Instrument and My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligate Sean’s, and in violation of My inherent Charter Rights under the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political rights ratified by Canada in March of 1976.  Not exactly yesterday’s news…

Apparently, Brian doesn’t have the authority or juris diction to hear the rights portion of the Claim, but he believes he has sufficient right to continue to trespass upon My Charter right to equal protect-Sean of the Law in Canada, including the Trustee Act of Ontario.  Brian Killick doesn’t think the Trustee Act of Ontario is binding on the Tribunal!?  Seriously?  These are the clowns We have running Ontario Tribunals?  This Man is the VICE CHAIR!!!  

No Wonder there is so much abuse of rights by Ontario Works agents and the Public Trustee – the Tribunals condone and encourage the criminal conduct!


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