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Disclaimer!!!  Hard to believe these are True, Ontario Superior Court proceedings.  Please suspend disbelief for maximum benefit and educational purposes.


Court or circus?

The audio are published for educate-Sean-all purposes, though they are not the best educational examples because NONE of this should be happening!

Not one of these motions should last any more than a few moments longer than the first trespass upon the Trust by opposing counsel.

If any One walks into the Court with anything less than a Superior Trust Instrument to that of the one I have on file with the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, they are demonstrably trespassing upon My Trust and proving the Claim True immediately.

In the first hearing, I thought that Jaye Hooper was just ‘humouring’ opposing counsel.  In My opinion, Susan Sacks for Rosen Sack sounds super nervous and guilty.

It almost sounds like the patronizing tone of Jaye Hooper may just as easily be stringing opposing counsel along, waiting to see how long they continue with their trespasses pleading ignorance.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it worked out, and Jaye Hooper is the first Clown Court Jester to dismiss against the main conspirator of the fraud, calling the Trust’s Claim a ‘colossal attack’ on the Casullo Endorsement and the Judicial process which is clearly ‘Res Judicata’…  Despite no Court in the province of Ontario having any Record of the Application or awarded Certificate.


Enjoy the Show!!!

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