Well, Ladies and Lords, Queens and Kings, Princes and Princesses, welcome to this Fabulous Friday Feature Present a Sean at the Universe City Play House Theatre, I have an exceptional Show for You to start off Our weekend.

These are just the Opening Ceremonies, We’re still Setting the Stage and preparing the Venue for when the Real Show hits the Main Stage. We’re not even entirely sure which Scene We Will be Showing on the Main Stage when We do begin Product-Sean.

These Opening Ceremonies Will in fact determine the first Scene We do Present on the Main Stage for Our first official Present a Sean, and it really is relevant to how well State Actors Play the Role that’s already been Cast for them. We were as King of Jove Ponniah for the contact inform a Sean so that I can Honour My late father’s creditors and wouldn’t You know, Jove was able to produce what We were as King of him for within just two days! Impressive, especially considering the track record, but a very Good start for this Product Sean and 2024 in general.

If We presume that I AM the Common People, then I shouldn’t need to know anything more than a Common Man would be required to know to receive contact information for a Claim before the Court (presuming it pertains to Me in some Way). Because swift resolutions are always encouraged, the moment the Court knows there is some One Willing to accept accountability for a Claim (Notice of Appearance), the Court should be doing everything it can to deliver the requisition to the Claimant as quickly as possible so that the Claim can proceed. Instead, they Wish to try and convince a Man he needs to be a lawyer or speak some voodoo Magic to make an Appearance, however Special it might be.

Elon Musk said once that he’s tired of People tall King about doing the right thing, he Wishes to see People doing the right thing. He’s tired of all the social posturing to Give the Illusion of Goodness when the individual is in fact completely immoral and unethical in their Real Life. Like My brother, Michael, and My sister, Tanja.

It was more important to My siblings to trespass upon My right to Honour My father, than it was to Honour innocent, injured parties, allow the party responsible to steal the deceased ashes, sell the house, take what she believes to be ‘her share’ without ever addressing the claims against My father’s insurance for the damage she’s done, then be as King of Me to pay for all of their legal fees for attempting to bring them to justice for the fraud!

Don’t You almost feel like You are reading some kind of fiction? This can’t possibly be Real, can it!? Oh yes, that’s what makes this Friday so Fabulous in Deed!

Not only is it Real, but We are now officially in connect-Sean with the lawyers for the People My siblings and their criminal cabal have been trying to avoid at all costs. The whole purpose for spending almost eighty thousand dollars defending against Me, was the hope that the investment would protect them from the three million in claims waiting to proceed forever. They expected Me to Give up after losing the Trust Claim.

No, I never Give up. Sometimes I’ll stall for a while whilst I Plan My next move, but I never Give up. And this is why.

The above email was sent this morning at 7:37 which is something of a Magical time of day for Me. We haven’t heard anything in reply yet, but We did learn a few interesting details shortly after this email was sent.

Derrick Bert’s email was Signed ‘Ex-Parte Motions Coordinator, Sherriff’s Department’. I’m not sure if this means he’s been fired, if he quit, or if he just lost his personal email address with the province – theoretically it could mean anything or nothing. Except in My Universe there are no coincidences, so the Universe is communicating something. I do believe he’s been fired. And I do believe if he has, it’s because of his participate Sean in the fraud during a Motion to settle the Order.

The other reason I believe Derrick was potentially fired is because this isn’t the first time I’ve messaged Derrick, he received every other Notice served upon the co-conspirators because I believed he was one based on his performance in the Motion to settle the Order. I Writ an entire Post about how unbelievable it is that Derrick, a senior clerk of the Court was unable to identify Court fraud and doesn’t appear to know that the Ontario Superior Courts are of inherent, concurrent, congruent juris-diction. That Post was one of My most read Blog Posts over the Christ-Mass holidays and his email was war King fine last week.

I believe all it might take sometimes, is for some One with some Real authority at the Courthouse to listen to some of the audios I’ve Posted so they can hear Court clerks attempting to gaslight Me in Real time. I believe that individual may very well be Jove Ponniah OR Arif Virani! Yes, I’m not Writing off Arif Virani yet just because I know how long it can take for things to get done, and he’s relatively new. He also replaces David Lametti who conveniently left office roughly a week after receiving a Notice of Liability, and the launch of My Crown investigate Sean into Canada’s Courts.

That wasn’t the most satisfying email of the day, though. This was.

I Call it ‘Reigning on Sand Castles’ because this Kingdom is technically a Cloud and We are metaphorically reigning down on a sand Castle of fraud that Will melt away very quickly in Deed. The emails You see listed here are mostly People conspiring against Me, as well as the Crown Law Office in Toronto, and the Ottawa Superior Court of Justice so that they know the ruling against Me is incorrect and a document of fraud (which legitimately cannot legally or lawfully be added to any Court of Record because it stands to tarnish future precedence and effectively voids the judgement against Me – opposing counsel doesn’t know that yet). Word to the Wise – do NOT try and gaslight a King!

“Rex non Potest Peccare”

Latin, Maxim in Law, ‘The King can do no wrong’.

Wish for the full definition?

Rex non potest peccare is a Latin legal maxim meaning “the king can do no wrong” which developed into the doctrine of sovereign immunity, also known as governmental immunity. Rex non potest peccare originated in English common law and is based on the idea that the king cannot commit a legal wrong.

Cornell Law School, LII, Legal Inform a Sean Institute (paraphrasing slightly)

So what’s the next move for this Main Stage?

Well, I’ll be war King on the Universe City Play House Theatre Company’s front entrance over the weekend to improve the functionality of the Play House.

Over the weekend I may Present another Gift or two to Nital, We both share a common interest because We both believe Tiffany Singh is responsible for a considerable amount of harm to My father’s Estate.

It’s going to make for a very interesting Show because, well… We’re used to seeing People spend incredible amounts of resources to defend against Me, We have no Idea what to expect from a lawyer who’s on Our side! This is the only lawyer I know right now that doesn’t have a reason to fear Me like the plague! If she has any Idea how much My name alone terrifies every One responsible for the harm done to her clients… I see no reason why We shouldn’t get along famously.

The only criticism My Friend had when I showed My friend the lawyer’s home page and credentials, was that Nital looks ‘too young for Me’.

A little bit shocked, ‘I’m not trying to date her!’

My Friend laughs, ‘I don’t mean that! I mean she looks too young! She’s not ready to meet a Man like You!’

Ah… Yeah, maybe.

Me and Lucky, tall King and Laughing

Interesting side note for any One who’s read My Matrix Interpret a Sean’s, Matrix IV’s Magic number is 8, which represents infinite. 2024 has a Magical Value of 8. This contact is the proverbial Holy Grail in My last four year quest. Nital means ‘there is no end’. Infinite.

Good cliff hanger for now? Stay tuned, lots more to catch every One up on the his-Story of the Product-Sean

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