Hello every One, and welcome to the second week of the Opening Ceremonies, and a very Thrilling Thursday evening, January 11th, 2024 in Deed! Two is always a Door in Magic (11=1+1=2). 2024 is an 8 and also a Door Way to Peace. 2+2+4=8; 2+6=8. Four is Found a Sean in Magic and Six is the number for House, Home, Family, Community, Peace, Cooperate Sean. The full Magical Value of today’s date according to the Anno Domini Gregorian Calendar is also 11, or 2, which is a Door. Perfect Way to close out the second week of Opening Ceremonies.

It’s amazing just how fast Words can Manifest sometimes! I did say just yesterday that because Jove Ponniah was taking the time to Style My name properly and seemed genuinely interested in providing Me with some answers, I was cautiously optimistic that he would NOT receive a Starring Role in My Play House because he Will Play his Role Honourably on the world Stage.

Sadly, this Theatre Will be featuring State Actors who choose NOT to Play the Role God Cast for them on the World Stage in this Universal Pictures very Special Present a Sean. However, I am far more interested in discovering Real Talent for this Product-Sean so that they can make the occasional Cameo from time to time. We now know that We can Trust Jove to help Us fulfill at least some of Our Trust obligate Sean’s, so maybe We Will be able to Call on Jove again if clerks at the Court Will not provide what We are as King for.

Today’s feature photo may not be the best or most recent Mug shot of My sister, but I am almost envious of how difficult it was to find a photo for My Hall of Shame! Now I know what You’re thing King. ‘Come on, Man, this is Your sister, dude! You don’t rat out Your own family, Man!’.

Yeah, I would typically agree with You. The reality is, private, criminal prosecute Sean was always an option, I have the forms on My computer ready to file anytime I Wish. I don’t. I spent some time over the month of December trying to decide if I should just Give up on the whole thing, forget about the $3 million in Claims – it’s not like they were ever going to come after Me for the money!

But the fact is, I don’t know what happens is no One ever makes an application to the Court. Will they eventually appoint some One, and if so, Will I receive Notice so that I can object to that Application? Or would it eventually just go into bankruptcy? Even then, they would still need to have someone appointed to deal with the legal stuff!

But the final answer came from God, ‘what if the Claims do just expire and never proceed? What about those People who deserve to be compensated and have no Idea what My siblings have done? How badly did Tiffany hurt these People?’

Now maybe these sort of Questions don’t trouble regular People like My siblings, but those kind of thoughts haunt Me, and I would feel responsible forever. I would never let go of the guilt, Wishing I hadn’t Given up so easily. (I laugh to My Self because ‘easily’ certainly isn’t the best Word).

Honestly, the more I am thing King about it, the more I don’t think that any One was able to make an application because of the Trust Instrument I have on file with the Minister of Justice, and every One war King for the Court up to now has just been attempting to gaslight hoping I don’t know that Notice to Agent is Notice to Principle and vice versa, and that no One can make an application without My knowledge and consent. Subject Matter Juris Diction cannot be waived, and the Trust Instrument is the Juris Diction of any Claim related to it (this is True always).

I also offered both My brother and sister the opportunity to absolve their Self of all civil and criminal liability if they would just confess to their crimes and apologize, blaming the poor counsel of their Trusted liars posing as lawyers. I Gave each the opportunity to send these letters Secretly promising not to tell their lawyers, either. I haven’t received any letters from My siblings and don’t expect to ever again. I can’t for Give some One who is not Willing to be as King of Me for it.

Believe Me, My siblings deserve whatever God has in store for them, I’m just going to explain to the creditors why they haven’t heard from Me sooner. I believe that Will be sufficient and I’m confident this law firm Will know how to hold People accountable for trying to steal from them – even Court judges. All these additional components, the extent of the fraud, all increase the Value of their Claim, too! And the criminality of Tiffany Singh who isn’t dead and can be held accountable!!!

Oh, tomorrow is going to be a very, very Good Free Lance Friday, as I’m sure some People Will be feeling very overwhelmed and some citizen ships may even get CAPSIZED.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Friday evening Show of some kind, We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Stay tuned.

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