Well, hello every One and welcome to the Show! It is a Magnificent Honour to have You in My Play House, We are still in the midst of the Opening Ceremonies. It may take Me some time to finish construct-Sean of the Play House and get all of these Characters together before the first Scene officially begins.

For now, I’d like for You to get to know some of the State Actors that Will receive a Casting Call in the upcoming Product Sean.

We did receive a reply to the first Notice, and an anonymous some One Promised to look into the Matter and provide Direct-Sean in the event that this is not the correct email to address the insurance claims waiting to proceed against My father’s Estate in the amount of three million dollars (two separate claims, one million and two million). That was Friday morning, January 5th, 2024.

On Magical Monday morning, I followed up with a Second Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to trespass, and interfering with justice – and really, that’s only naming three specific violate Sean’s, there are many more but this is more than sufficient for criminal prosecution in any legitimate Court of competent Juris Diction. In fact, that’s why We are going to Show this Scene here in My Play House constructed specifically for this Universal Pictures Special Present a Sean. State Actors Wish to Create a Scene and make a Spectacle of their Character, so I’m going to put them a Starring Role on My Play House Theatre’s Main Stage.

Today I’d like to introduce at least one of the State Actors who Will have a Starring Role in this Product-Sean, Marc E. Smith, a Jester posing as a Judge for the Ontario Superior Court in the city of Ottawa.

You may recognize his mug shot from The Hall of Shame in the Universe City Play House Main Entrance.

The Play House is still under construct Sean but soon I Will have the audio recording of My Motion hearing with Agent Smith in the Echo Chamber. It’s interesting because he reminds Me of Agent Smith from Matrix IV so much it’s creepy. He even looks similar to agent Smith!

But this prequel is really just to Show My audience, You the People, why this Play House was necessary. You are the True authority of Law, You are My Jury of Peers, You are My People, I am Your Servant King for God-ness, or Goodness if One does not believe in God.

I Wish to Give People a Venue to not only Show Case their Talents, but to put their own State Actors in place on the World Stage for all I’s to see. Hard to put State Actors in their place if We don’t have anywhere to send them, so now We do!

I really wasn’t expecting any One to respond at all because I had already been waiting for months before I sent ‘the first’ Notice of liability Posted to this Play House on Friday. That’s why I was so surprised to receive a reply in less than twenty minutes?! That’s almost on par with what One should reasonably expect – perhaps even a little better!

Generally, I would say twenty-four hours should be reasonable but when it’s this serious, some kind of reply to say some One is looking into the Matter as soon as possible is the right thing to do. So the reply We received on Friday WAS reasonable. And for all We know, they might actually be doing something now, but based on My previous experiences, I am very doubtful though always try to remain cautiously optimistic.

The relevance of this Court is based on the fact that often Courts Will try to use the Rules of Civil Procedure or some process to pretend like they can’t hear or receive one of the party’s arguments. There isn’t a single, reasonable individual above a grade eight level education that would not clearly recognize the arguments I made to the Court in My Present a Sean’s. Furthermore, all of the documents I did Present to the Court were as proper as any professional lawyer’s filings would be.

They used to use the fact that I didn’t know the Rules of Civil Procedure to gaslight Me, so I made sure I learned how to Present My documents and I have tried everything since then. It’s like the more I know, the more they gaslight. If it wasn’t so criminal, it would be comical, so I’ve decided I’m going to make comedy out of these criminals, however dark it might be. Will I am Shake a Spear didn’t have any problems Wielding his Words and many of his Works were tragedies. [Sidenote: Did You know that Shakespeare invented 25,000 Words used in the English language today? True Story, Google it.]

So don’t let any One tell You I Spell Words wrong. No One is qualified to discuss the Magic of Spelling with Me.

When I’m ready to actually put these People on Stage, I Will be sending an email from this Domain in the Form of a Casting Call, quite literally inviting the State Actors onto the Main Stage as King if they have any last Words in defense of their Honour. I can Create email lists that Will maintain a legal and lawful digital Record of Service of documents. Failing to Present One’s Self on Stage to defend the Honour of One’s Character Will result in default presumption of guilt. Only the guilty do not speak to defend their Honour.

So rather than Noting them in Default this time, I Will Give Notice that if they don’t respond, they Will receive a Casting Call Giving them One last opportunity to redeem their Character on the world Stage before they are officially awarded in default for their crimes on an International Court of Public Record.

And I’m still seriously looking into obtaining recognition with the Hague and it is not as improbable as One might be thing King!

I’ll be introducing more Characters from Our Hall of Shame throughout the Opening Ceremonies.

Stay tuned!!!

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