Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Set. It’s important to provide some background to this Present a Sean so that People know why these State Actors Will be receiving a Casting Call to per-Form their Role in My Universe City Play House Theatre. It’s not an Honour every State Actor Will receive!

A State Actor basically has to be so incompetent in their Role as a Public Trustee, that One must suspend disbelief to suggest the Acts of the Public Trustees are not being done with malicious, criminal intent to cause harm. We Wish to Give the State Actors the Benefit of the doubt, but at this point We are compelled to suspend disbelief in Order to do so. And precisely why We Call this a Play House because any Character Cast into a Product-Sean here has made a joke of the repute a Sean of the Court and legal system they allegedly represent. This Story requires such suspension of disbelief, it sounds like Fantasy fict-Sean.

Meet Jester of a Judge, Jaye Hooper, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Ottawa. Now, I really tried to Give Jester Jaye Hooper the benefit of the doubt here.

The Rule 21 Motion hearing doesn’t allow the judge to consider any evidence – if evidence is required, Rule 21 doesn’t even apply! Opposing counsel relies on an Endorsement (evidence) I’ve never seen, knew nothing about, and for which there is no Court of Record! So I explain this to the Judge very clearly in the hearing, telling the Judge that none of the documents Presented by opposing counsel have been filed with any Court, the entire testimony is founded upon fraud, and the Certificate Issued is a fraud.

Now, the important thing for People who are not legal professionals to know, is that the evidence of the Endorsement is irrelevant and opposing counsel can try to use the evidence if I don’t know the Rules, but I do!!! I tell the Judge very clearly that she’s not allowed to consider the evidence anyway, and if she is going to consider evidence, then the Court of Record says the Certificate is a fraud.

The moment the judge considers evidence, the motion doesn’t qualify for dismissal under Rule 21, opposing counsel would have to file under another Rule. The reason this is important to stress here is because it Will be very common knowledge for any lawyer, a lawyer would know the decision could be vacated if the Judge considers evidence because it violates the Rules. The judge wouldn’t even PRETEND to consider the evidence if she were not trying to gaslight Me, presuming I don’t know the Rules because I’m not a lawyer.

The other important factor to consider is that any magistrate of any Court is there as in impartial witness to the Law, not the ‘authority’ of the parties before it – the judge is Acting as mediator presumed to be an expert in Law. If no evidence can be considered, then the testimony of both parties must also be considered equally and impartially. If two People are telling a different Story and no evidence is required, the judge can’t make a ruling at all without evidence – it doesn’t qualify under Rule 21.

But even more importantly, the entire Claim is a Trust Claim, a Matter concerning My Fiduciary obligate Sean’s according to a Trust Instrument I filed with Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General to protect My father’s Estate almost three years before he died. My father told Me he was Trusting Me to take care of things if he doesn’t leave a Will – I Promised him I would.

No judge hearing this Matter has the right to consider any documents, codes, statutes, acts, or otherwise except to enforce Canadian laws as necessary to compel performance in accordance with My Trust obligate Sean’s. The Trust is the whole of the Law regarding any claim related to trespass upon a Trust obligate-Sean. Failing to address $3 million in creditors is trespass upon a Trust obligate-Sean and also a federal, indictable offence in Canada.

At the time of the hearing, Jester Jaye Hooper had only been on the bench for roughly six months, so I joked about how she was expected to shit her diapers for a little bit. Trying to Give Jaye the benefit of the doubt once more, I considered that maybe she was setting up a honey pot trap, allowing the fraud to create precedence knowing the other two parties would rely on it to have dismissed for same reason, ‘Res Judicata’. Apparently, due process was already had in the Estate application, and no wrongdoing has been done.

$3 million in Claims continue to remain on the public record against My father’s Good name, and the Public Court of Record shows he is ‘unrepresented’.

Jaye Hooper rules against Me, dismisses against the main lawyer responsible for obtaining the fraudulent Certificate, and even threatens Me with a fine for contempt or ‘a call to the local police’ if I don’t remove an audio recording of the proceedings from My domain.

I don’t take kindly to threats and the audio of the hearing Will be available in the Echo Chamber shortly.


The Scene I’m setting today is a follow up to this whole situate-Sean and what I’m doing now to hold these criminals accountable. I sent another email this morning that was not a Notice of liability, just as King to address the Claims, including attachments of My Cestui Que Vie Trust, My Trust Declare a Sean, and the fraudulent Certificate awarded to My sister with the Court Seal on it.

You may Notice My reply hasn’t been sent yet, it is scheduled to send for 7:37 Wednesday morning. I didn’t receive the reply until late in the afternoon and I didn’t see the reply in My inbox until much later in the evening.

Already, the incompetence of this clerk (whoever the anonymous clerk is) is astounding. The Courts are of inherent, concurrent, and congruent jurisdiction. There is no Way that one Court can say that there is an appointment on the Record that is outside of another Court’s jurisdiction unless the Court is engaged in fraud and not updating the Registry (Court of Record).

That’s all for now, I’ll be back to introduce more Characters as the Opening Ceremonies continue.

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