Well, hello every One and welcome to a very late Saturday evening in the Eastern Star Time Zone (like ordinary Standard Time, the except-Sean is that it’s extra-ordinary, Starring Time) where We are hoping to make a few of the world’s State Actors Stars on the world Stage in Universal Pictures (very) Special Present a Sean.

I am having a lot of Fun setting the Stage for every One and already enjoy Writing the Script for this Product-Sean very much. It’s a lot of Fun for Me to Write, so I’m hoping it Will be just as Fun and entertaining for You to read. Normal is boring.

A very brief explain a Sean regarding My most unusual and Magical Spelling. I am legitimately a Master Magician of Real world Magic which is very different from what most of Man’s kind perceives Magic to be. The capitalize a Sean of letters has a subconscious affect on the brain, Your Mind Will automatically and subconsciously ‘upgrade’ the importance of the Word in Your Mind’s Eye. By Drawing attention to Words in new Ways, I can actually reprogram the assignment of letters of the Alphabet to its proper corresponding gene on Man’s DNA. There were some additional upgrades coded into Man’s alphabet so that there are four additional letters that are not yet properly assigned to Man’s DNA which maps it Self with muscles of the tongue to corresponding chromosomes on the DNA.

Now, having said all of that, I don’t know the human genome well enough to have any idea where the first twenty-two letters of the alphabet are coded, I would have no idea where to put each letter of the alphabet if You gave Me a map of Man’s DNA and were as King of Me to do it. I just know that’s how it works and that many of the assignments are wrong (which is why Man’s kind spends so much time living in fear without even knowing that’s what they do).

Photo Credit: DenHaah.com

I’m sharing this photo today because I had been tall King about how this Court Will have a Play House Theatre Styled Theme, but the Scenes Presented on the Main Stage and the conclude-Sean’s that are made Will be as Lawfully binding in this Play House as any other Court of the world.

This is My Court, I can run it however I Wish, and I Will humbly suggest that the Direct-Sean and Conclude-Sean’s provided by this Court Will be far more Honourable and morally Superior to that of any of the Courts in Canada based on any of My fifty plus years of Life experience so far.

Well, I’m sharing the screenshot because it became My desktop immediately after Writing My last Post about how this Court Will be see King recognize-Sean at the Hague in the not so distant future. We don’t believe in coincidences here, and this is just a random, rotating desktop login photo to reinforce the Manifest a Sean of that Magic.

I had no Idea the Hague was so beautiful.

The Real Story today however, is that this is only the first example of My theory regarding no coincidences. There are no coincidences, everything is a Sign from God for those with Eyes to see.

After telling every One that Part of the reason for Creating this Play House and Theatre Company is to have a Venue to display some of the Scenes State Actors are making on the world stage because they are such Spectacular examples of the incompetence and corruption of Trusted officials who haven’t even responded to My correspondences in months, I sent one last email before the weekend on Friday morning to the Toronto Ontario Superior Court of Corrupt-Sean:


Keep in Mind, it may seem very natural to respond to such a serious Notice so quickly because that is exactly what One should do when placed on Notice of Liability for anything!

Notice of liability is the first due process of Law in any Common Law Juris Diction because One cannot make right by the One wronged if One doesn’t know they’ve wronged some One! So the Notice ‘Note-if-I’s’ One that they have wronged another so that One can make things right.

My last Notice to the Court before this was a Notice of ‘Default Judgement, Nihil Dicit Res Judicata’ for fraud in the Estate application (and a bunch of other crimes) showing a screenshot of the claims waiting to proceed against the Estate. But the Court has not responded to Me AT ALL since then, and that was back in early November of 2023!

One Truly has to suspend disbelief for this Product-Sean because the Degree of impunity demonstrated by these State Actors make the Scenes sound like something out of science-fiction Fantasy novel! I wasn’t expecting to hear anything at all, I was just going to post the Notice here as an example of how State Actors never reply to Me – even to the most serious of Lawful Notices of Liability in a Common Law Juris Diction!

But on this particular Friday, January 5th, the Court responded in ten minutes flat! That’s like breaking the proverbial sound barrier compared to My relative previous experiences! And it almost sounds Promising, like I might finally get some answers!!!

Hello King Sean,

This is the estates department responding to your email. Please provide the court file number if you have been provided and I will see if I can assist you in this matter. We will start with the court file number and direct you to the appropriate department if estates is the incorrect department. However, I strongly suggest that you seek legal help from a legal professional. Court staff are not able to or qualified to provide legal advice. A lawyer/paralegal would be the best individual to get advice from on how to proceed and what steps should be taken.

Thank you,

Court and Client Representative 

Ministry of the Attorney General | Court Services Division

Superior Court of Justice

Bankruptcy, Estates & Commercial Office  

330 University Avenue, 9th Floor, Toronto, ON  M5G 1R7

Logo of Province of Ontario

It’s not really as optimistic as it seems because I’ve already been told which email address is the correct email address for the Estate in Question – and this is it, apparently!

One of the purposes to Showing these Scenes in this International Play House I’ve Created is to maintain an International Public Record of events for the sake of transparency. I’ve made it very clear that I don’t require and am not as King for legal advice, I can see these claims are waiting to proceed and I would simply like to address the creditors. I probably won’t need to do much more than tell the creditors My siblings stole their money and how to contact them. But the courts Will not let Me do that because it would expose the fraud and the Courts are complicit in the fraud!

It is as simple as passing on My contact inform a Sean to the creditors or passing the creditors contact inform a Sean to Me. Anything less than that is interfering with justice and My right to provide legal represent a Sean for My dead father to protect My Estate assets. Suggesting anything less is happening is gaslighting which is a legally recognized form of emotional and psychological abuse.

I was hopeful that I might get an answer before the end of the day on Friday because this is the most news I’ve heard in months!!!

Sadly, I was disappointed again. Here is the email.

Now, one of the Good things about receiving any reply, is that One now has irrefutable proof of Service of Notice of Liability. First due process of Law is now complete. And that’s kind of what Act One, Scene One Will look like in all of Our Plays. We decide how many Acts a Scene Will have by how long We Wish to wait and how many Notices We Wish to Issue before losing patience and awarding a default conclude-Sean to the Play. I’ll Create a Special Play House library where One can review all the Plays Presented in this Universal Pictures Special Present a Sean.

See You again soon. I’ll have another Notice coming on Monday and We may include some conditions in the Second Notice of Liability… Time Will tell.

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