starring role: Arif virani, Canada’s minister of justice and attorney general

Hello every One and welcome to the 5th day of January, 2024, a Fabulous Friday in Deed!

I feel that ‘Opening Ceremonies’ is proving to be a better Title than I had anticipated it would be. I’ve experienced and uncovered so much corruption in Canada’s Courts as what I like to describe a ‘Free Lance Journalist’ (Pen is My S-Word) on, that I couldn’t help but develop something of a candid sense of humour about it or I’m sure I would have lost My Mind. I’m also well aware many Will be convinced that I already have, what with the unusual Spelling of My Magic and, well, the fact that I go by ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’.

And that’s why ‘Opening Ceremonies’ is such an appropriate Title to Commemorate the Opening of this Venue, a Theatre Club for the People of the world, providing Starring Roles for State Actors who have demonstrated they Wish to make a Spectacle of their Self on the World Stage. I’m providing a Special Venue to Show Case their Acts and Deeds.

All the world’s a Stage, and this is an International Play House dedicated to the performance Arts of State Actors according to the Role each was Cast to Play in this Universal Pictures (very) Special Present a Sean. It appears State Actors have forgot how to Play their Role on the World Stage with any Convict-Sean, so I’m going to help State Actors fulfill their Roles to the world’s People by providing some Direct-Sean.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to provide sufficient Direct-Sean to accomplish any Academy award winning performances, but I am confident I can at least Keep the world entertained while I try. If State Actors Wish to trespass upon their Trust obligations to the People, I am going to Give them a Starring Role so they can Show Case their Spectacular performances here.

Arif ‘the Villain’ Virani, Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and the second Minister of Justice and Attorney General since the Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould (who was forced out of office by the treasonous Trudeau regime in the SNC Lavalin scandal), Will be the first big name to Play a Starring Role here – but don’t be surprised to know, that is just the beginning!

Coming up in the future, some One is going to have to hold Canada’s State Actors accountable for their treasonous bioweapon mandates. You Will not ever hear Me call them vaccines because the entire operation was a psy-op perpetrated by some very sinister People. That Will all come out in Good time, and I Will begin Casting more Summoning Spells for those future Attract-Sean’s. Any State Actor who violates the inherent, God Given rights of the world’s People, provides sufficient cause for a feature Attract-Sean to be Show Cased in this Venue.

Stories We do tell here Will be very much like this one. Here, We Will tell these Stories with satire and sarcasm, perhaps enjoy some of My Magical Word Play along the Way. If the Direct-Sean provided to State Actors here is not sufficient to compel an adequate performance, We’ll Give it a Good, cliff hanger of an ending so the Matter can be taken into an International Court of competent Juris Diction where People who do Honour the Roles they were Cast by God to Play, and can re-Cast that Role (or just eliminate it altogether).

Arif Virani doesn’t yet know he’s going to be the first Man Presented to this Play House in a Starring Role, how excited are You thing King he Will be? Isn’t this Fun already?

If You Wish to have a sneak peak of potential Up Coming Attract Sean’s, do check out the International Court of Record which You Will find at the top of the Page in the ‘Universe City Court Yard’ link.

Until then, I did say on Wednesday that I was going to Present another Show to this Play House Theatre before I deal with some of the higher ranking State Actors war King for the treasonous Trudeau government in Canada’s Courts. Unfortunately, the very Real and deeply meaningful Trust Obligate-Sean’s I have to My father as a Spiritual Man, trump the immediate trespasses of Ottawa’s public Trustees.

That Show Will also be coming to this Play House Stage in the very near future as People get a sense of how this Play House Will operate.

We’ll Call what I am sharing with You here today a Teaser. Most Good Stories Will start with a Teaser. Canada’s Courts are either completely corrupt, or they have a very Special Vendetta for House von Dehn specifically.

Six law firms, eight liars/lawyers, at least four court clerks, three Superior Courts (Ottawa, Toronto and Bracebridge), two members of the Law Society of Ontario, at least four Superior Court judges, and My siblings, are all trying to convince Me that My sister was duly appointed a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee for My father, Joachim Heinrich von Dehn, and that My complaints of insurance fraud and breach of Trust and trespass upon My Fiduciary Obligate Sean’s to My father are ‘frivolous and vexatious’, ordering for all the criminals involved to be paid from the Estate assets.

Now, I know what You might be thing King. I’m just upset I wasn’t awarded the Certificate by the Court or something. But no. There is no Court of Record whatsoever to suggest any One has been appointed to represent My father’s legal interests, and there have been $3 million in insurance claims waiting to proceed against the Estate for over four years!!!

That screenshot was taken today.

I Gave up trying to hold My siblings accountable for their fraud and decided I’d just Give Notice of appearance to the creditors directly on My father’s behalf.

Unfortunately, and presumably because addressing the $3 million in claims waiting to proceed against My father would expose all the corruption of all the so very important State Actors involved, the Courts Will not respond to My Written queries and hang up when I call. What Honourable individuals in Deed, right?

Perhaps this prequel to the Real Show Will help People to understand why I’ve developed such a satirical sense of humour. As a Spiritual Man, I like to try to Keep My original home as optimistic and positive as possible. I was hoping to Show Canada’s People how great some of the Constitutional and Treaty rights protected in Canada Truly are. Unfortunately, these State Actors appear to require additional Direct-Sean before I can do that. This is their last Venue of opportunity to Show they were properly Cast for their Role in this very Special Universal Product Sean, and also Giving them an opportunity to choose how they Wish to Play their part. Treasonous traitor, or Honourable servant? Time Will tell.

Without further ado, let Me introduce at least one of the Characters who Will be Summoned to appear on this stage, Arif ‘the Villain’ Virani.

‘cloc.reception’ is the email address for the Crown Law Office in Toronto for Service on the Crown. Arif Virani must receive Notice of Service on the Crown, and this is where Service on the Crown is received. Because Arif Virani allegedly represents the Crown in Canada, if he fails to resolve the Matter, the King is liable to Me directly because Arif Virani is Acting as Agent for the Crown.

They also Wish for sixty days Notice of service on the Crown. I Will not be so generous because Arif Virani has known about this Matter for more than sixty days already. If You look at the Notice of Appearance You Will see that it is also sent to the Crown Law Office so that Arif Virani knows what’s going on in his Courts. No One in Canada Will respond to My emails or phone calls. They either hang up or direct Me to voicemail and never call back.

So I do Wish to be as Good a sport about all of this as I possibly can be, and although it isn’t Pleasant to be on the receiving end of this, it does make for an astounding Story and what better Way to Showcase such incredulous levels of impunity than to Create a Venue to Show Case their talents forever. We’ll let State Actors make a Spectacle of their Character here.

More to come soon…

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