Nancy ‘the barker’ Barkhordari, Gosai Law
Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai
Not as Advertised!!!

Does the Word integrity mean something different to a lawyer? Or does Nital just not understand what the Word means? Integrity means actually advocating for justice and apprehending guilty parties, not aiding and abetting their fraud. Such fierce resolve and such strong advocacy, she doesn’t

interest continues to accumulate on the Principal Value of the Trust Claim until costs are fully paid into the Court. I’m as King for $169,191.92, which is three times what each lawyer is as King of from Me (I’m One Man doing three times the work to defend against three law firms and six liars posing as lawyers)

Hello every One and welcome to the Mage I Call (Magical) Monday Matinee where We are Casting a Roll Call for State Actors to Play on the World Stage in this Universal Pictures very Special Present a Sean. Please Keep in Mind,

Hello every One, and welcome to the second week of the Opening Ceremonies, and a very Thrilling Thursday evening, January 11th, 2024 in Deed! Two is always a Door in Magic (11=1+1=2). 2024 is an 8 and also a Door Way to