Good afternoon every One and thank You for all the Presence You bring to this Play House, it is Truly a Magical Gift to have You. This Will be the last Post of Our Opening Ceremonies before We begin Showing the first Play, though We do have a couple of new Cast member to introduce today. Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai Will have a Starring Role in this Product-Sean and I suppose because ghosts can’t speak, (and in true dictator fashion) she’s as King one of her employees to speak in her stead, so today I also have the Pleasure of introducing Nancy ‘Barker’ Barkhordari.

Yep, Nital has called on their Pitbull. We may even change the Character’s Calling to Nancy ‘the Bulldog’ Barkhordari depending on whether or not her bark has any bite – if she’s a Pitbull We’ll have to be careful because We know how dangerous and unpredictable Pitbull’s can be. In fact, Pitbull’s are not even ‘legal’ in Ottawa.

Nancy Barkhordari not only confirmed Nital’s contempt for the Promises she makes to potential clients on her website, she also demonstrates how shallow the depth of the puddle of her integrity is, by continuing to ignore My questions, as King one of her employees to threaten Me with a letter of Demand in stead! Such empathy, integrity, and compassion. Most People Call this sort of conduct ‘combative’, contemptuous, and ignorant.

But this is apparently how Gosai Law show their ‘tireless’ commitment to justice. So tireless, so committed, they can’t even respond to an email until I Post an article to tell You how rude this Law firm is in practice.

Hilariously, and in typical narcissistic fashion, they are doing exactly what narcissists do – accusing Me of doing everything they are in fact doing to Me.

They are calling My statements about their firm false, but they don’t say how. That’s a defamatory accuse a Sean considering I am telling every One here that these are the facts concerning the Matter.

I was as King very kindly of Nital S. Gosai to let Me address the claims so that her clients (who I presume to have been seriously injured, the claim is for two million dollars) can be made whole, and the responsible party held to account – that was on January 12th, 2024.

I thought I was being very kind and respectful, I address Nital in My first email as ‘Friend’ to indicate that I come in Peace, and as an ally to her cause.

I try to be sensitive to the fact that this may be a lot of inform a Sean to digest, try to Give Nital the benefit of the doubt, and wait until Monday, January 15th to follow up.

On the 17th of January I realize that My case file with the Superior Court, CV-22-89835 is still open, despite opposing counsel having been Noted in Default in November of 2023. So I advise the Court that I require a Motion to Settle the Order against the fraudsters, and I forward My email to the Court to Nital ‘as a courtesy’, so she knows what’s going on with this Matter.

Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai has nothing to say to Me so far. I don’t harass her, I just find it curious and odd. Why would she not Wish to respond to Me immediately so that she can serve her clients? That would be the most logical thing to do if One is focused on speed and efficiency. But no, Nital continues to ignore Me, not so much as a ‘thank You for Your emails, We Will respond to You soon’ or similar – nothing. Just IGNORE Me, and the fact I’ve been worried sick about this for the last four years – no big deal, not to Nital, anyway. On the 22nd, I finally send Nital what Will be a fourth email in what Will now be ten days, showing her a copy of the Claim provided to Me by Jove Ponniah. I thought maybe including the document might help ‘jog’ her memory.

I decide to serve the Toronto Courthouse with Notice of the Estate Fraud as well, and once again I forward the email to Nital as a courtesy.

Finally, I get sick and tired of being ignored and advise Nital that if she continues to ‘ghost’ Me, she Will be liable to Me for trespass upon My Trust obligate Sean’s, and defame a Sean of My Father’s Good Family name! This is on January 25th, a Thursday.

Nothing. Nital STILL has nothing to say. Not concerned about how much this Matter is troubling Me whatsoever, I’m not worth so much as a minute of Nital’s busy time to tell Me why she is as King of My father for two million dollars. Doesn’t Wish to tell Me? I advise her that this seems very ‘sus’ (short for ‘suspect’ – a Friend was as King, so for those who don’t know the slang).

So what can I do? The only thing I can do is use the Power of Truth and My Jury of Peers, You My People, the coveted guests of this Play House Product-Sean to expose the contempt and belligerence of Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai. I tell You all about it here, and I let Nital know that I’ve provided an authentic review of her firm free of charge to warn the public that Gosai Law is not as advertised. False advertising is fraud.

Well, wouldn’t You know, THAT was sufficient to compel Nital to respond! Wow, she CAN reply when SHE Wishes to. When it’s Nital Honour and repute a Sean on the line, it’s very important. In fact, it’s forty-eight hours important, or she threatens to slap Me with a lawsuit for defame a Sean!?

Actually, I shouldn’t Give Nital so much credit, SHE didn’t lift a finger at all. She’s such a coward that she can’t even respond to Me her Self, she has her lacky Nancy the Barker Barkhordari do it for her! And she STILL refuses to provide Me with any of the inform a Sean I’m as King for? What kind of morally bankrupt, ethically erroneous individual has such audacity? Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai, that’s who.

I’ll be back with more later, official reply is Friday 5:00 Post Midi, and Will be Published here for the Main Stage first Act.

Whoops! I almost forgot – not much of a cliffhanger if I don’t share the threatening emails with You, is it? Yeah, they are apparently threatening to call the police for harassment! Hard to believe, but True. This is the whole, uncensored email thread, proving this Post was necessary to compel any sort of reply at all. This is what a Man is required to do if he is white and Wishes to communicate with Nital S. Gosai who appears to discriminate against white males with extreme prejudice.

Things are really heating up on the Main Stage, We should have a very Good Act to start off Our weekend!

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