Hello every One and welcome to the final week of the Opening Ceremonies and thank King or Queen You for being here, it is Truly an Honour to have You! I was surprised to find out how many are already in attendance considering I am still renovating the Play House it Self. I’m sure many of You are visiting from My usual Home, but from wherever One hails, I am happy to have You.

I have an especially exciting Show for You today because I believe We have Our full Cast of Characters for My upcoming Product-Sean! Yes, Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai, or Nital S. Gosai (as she is Commonly known by her colleagues) is the name of the most recent Character Magically Cast into this Universal Pictures very Special Present a Sean.

The war King Title for the Universe City Play House’s Premier Show Will be ‘Tiffany, Tanja, Michael, and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’.

It’s difficult to say how many Scenes there might be because the Story has been evolving for a little more than four years already! We started this year with what I was hoping would be the last Act, starting with Our emails to the Toronto Courthouse. I was hoping to acquire the contact inform a Sean of counsel for two separate claims waiting to proceed against My father’s Estate in the amount of three million dollars collectively, and for which My sister was allegedly awarded a Certificate appointing her as the Estate Trustee responsible for the claims.

Instead, My siblings ‘faked’ an application to deceive Me into thing King My sister had been appointed so I wouldn’t be suspicious about My sister liquidating all the assets and distributing them amongst themselves and the party responsible for the harm done to the estate without dealing with the claims.

As crazy as the Story sounds (considering how easy it should be to report fraud to a Court), no Matter how many times I call My siblings out on their fraud, they double down and insist they are not engaged in fraud, despite My father’s Estate still clearly showing as ‘unrepresented’ on the public Court of Record four years later, and with the three million in claims still waiting to proceed against it.

Without retelling the entirety of Tiffany, Tanja, and Michael’s Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy, this year We did finally receive contact inform a Sean for counsel for one of the two parties waiting to proceed with claims against My father’s estate, Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai.

Now, One might appreciate why I was thing King that My siblings fraud gig was finally up, right?

“Dedicated to resolving Your Matters as quickly and efficiently as possible… We blend empathy with decades of experience… and a tireless pursuit of justice.”

Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai, Gosai Law

Really?! So quickly and so efficiently, she hasn’t even responded to Me yet – it must have been so fast I missed it. She blends empathy with decades of experience, but doesn’t even have the decency to thank Me for Giving her all the evidence any lawyer could ever possibly Wish to have to ensure her clients get every penny they are as King for and more? She doesn’t even Wish to see the fraudsters held accountable for trying to avert the claims and hide estate assets? Let’s face it, People, something is not quite right here.

Does the Word integrity mean something different to a lawyer? Or does Nital just not understand what the Word means? Integrity means actually advocating for justice and apprehending guilty parties, not aiding and abetting their fraud. Such fierce resolve and such strong advocacy, she doesn’t even bother to proceed with the claims when One is offering all the evidence her clients require to ensure their claim succeeds… and more?!

The criminal conduct and liquidating estate assets to hide them from these claims only escalates the claim for Gosai, there is absolutely no Good reason for Nital to not return My emails promptly unless she’s also been compromised! If any One else has a better explain a Sean, please do let Me know.

My Friends believe that because the state owes Me so much for being so complicit in the fraud (Bracebridge Courthouse), they have paid out Gosai to not respond to Me! I don’t even like to be thing King it’s possible, but I honestly don’t have any better explain a Sean.

And just to add even more fuel to an already raging inferno of a conspiracy theory, Jove Ponniah, ‘associate Attorney General’ for the Court responsible for providing Me with the contact information for Nital, only provides Me with the contact inform a Sean for Nital, NOT for the other claim valued at twice the amount (two million). Again, it takes less than five minutes to look the information up, I have watched clerks do it in real time, not a hypothesis or theory!

Instead, Jove ‘the Pathetic’ Ponniah stalls Me for another week on the other contact inform a Sean, then disappears entirely without providing the inform a Sean or any explain a Sean? Now THREE Ontario Superior Courts refusing to respond to emails to answer simple, reasonable questions I have a legal and rightful to know, and for which they are legally and lawfully obliged to provide. It’s insane, especially considering they know they Will be on Stage here!

And that just about Sets our first Scene in this Glow Ball Product-Sean. Jove Ponniah received a Second Notice for his participate Sean in the fraud this morning.

The Friends in My Microcosm also believe that the Court as an ‘impartial body’ know I’m correct on every point, which is why they just shut up and do nothing, hoping I Will never be able to enforce the Orders. However, My Friends are also thing King My adversaries have run out of bribe money and can’t afford to convince other creditors waiting to proceed to ignore Me, so instead they have refused to provide the contact inform a Sean. That’s just another count of interfering with justice by an officer of the Superior Court of Ontario, so all this nonsense just continues to escalate My Claims against the Crown – all of it is Crown liability. So… Not a Good start for Jove the Pathetic Ponniah in his first starring Role, and the Origin of the name of his Character’s Will in this Product-Sean.

Finally, a Notice of Liability and Notice of Claim for Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai. She apparently mentors ‘young women of colour’. There’s a progressive, propagandist, Nazi narcissist slogan for You! What’s it REALLY saying? “In My mentoring I discriminate with extreme prejudice against all men, and all middle aged, old, and white women’. If You are not a young woman of colour, no mentoring for You. Sounds inclusive when really this is exactly the kind of rhetoric responsible for systemic racism, and this is counter-racism aimed against white Men and women.

An inclusive mentor mentors to all People, not just a marginalized minority. And she looks whiter than I am, is she allowed in her own class? I wonder. Anyway, here’s the letter, and I will follow through with the Claim, We Will publish the Scenes here.

Like Elon Musk, I am sick and tired of People and their social posturing bullshit when they absolutely no morals and ethics in real life. What is Nital mentoring young women to do, treat white men like garbage? I’m curious to know.

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