Hello every One and welcome once again to the Universe City Play House Theatre’s Opening Ceremonies, thank King or Queen You for joining Me.

Today’s feature photo is a Tribute to Jove Ponniah, associate Attorney General for the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (or ‘just is’ as I like to Call it seeing as they prefer to leave criminal complaints ‘just is’, or ‘just as’ they are, rather than put a stop to the criminal conduct and consequent harm done by Way of their negligence) and the only individual to respond to any of My queries regarding this Estate since I first contacted the Toronto Courthouse with a Notice of Appearance in September of 2023!!!

Just take a moment to be thing King about that for a moment. I’m Writing a Court that has had $3 million in Claims waiting to proceed against My father for four years – presumably because no One has been appointed to Act as My father’s agent in Court to protect his legal and Lawful interests. One would be thing King that the moment the Court has contact inform a Sean for some One Wishing to Act on behalf of My father, they would Wish to get that information to the creditors as soon as possible so the claims can proceed – that’s just the decent thing to do! Right to represent a Sean, right to a speedy trial, yada, yada, yada…

I should also clarify that I have no Idea if Jove Ponniah works at the Toronto Courthouse or not, I only know that Jove was the One to finally respond to the queries I had regarding claims filed with the Toronto Court against My father, and that he Signed the email as the associate Attorney General. I presume he works at the Toronto Courthouse because he indicated that he was able to look the case file up in the system.

I only mention this because every email initiating a new Common Law process in Law is also sent to the Crown Law Office in Toronto, which is the physical address for filing Claims against the Crown in Canada (in the province of Ontario). Email is legal service of documents in Canada ever since the false flag plandemic, and because the Courts have been lying to Me about the status of the Application and complicit in the fraud, the Crown is ‘jointly and severally’ liable, which essentially means that I can be as King of any One to compensate Me for the harm done, and it is their duty and obligate-Sean to receive payment from the other tortfeasors. [We’ll be dealing with the glow ball plandemic conspiracy in another Show one day.]

Basically, because the Courts didn’t do their job and guarantee the equal protect Sean of My inherent rights necessary to enforce My Trust obligate Sean’s, the Crown is liable to Me for the full amount, and the Crown can go collecting from My siblings and their cabal of criminal liars posing as lawyers. This is why criminal prosecute-Sean Will become more appealing for the Crown as time goes on, otherwise they just look absolutely complicit, incompetent, and can only plead gross criminal malfeasance in a position of public office.

However, We always need a contact. Only a Man can be negligent, (regardless his or her kind), Courts (like this Play House) do not have the capacity to be corrupt. Only a Man can be negligent in his or her duties to perform on stage as directed in relate Sean to One’s Role on the World Stage as a State Actor.

This fraud has been ongoing for over four years and has been reported to three Ontario Superior Courts, four Superior Court Judges, the Ottawa Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Law Society of Ontario, and reported to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, prompting the International Investigate Sean into the Superior Court to see if We can find out just how many People are conspiring against Me!

So far, not one individual has lifted a finger to help Me until Jove responded with the contact inform a Sean for the lawyers of one of the two claims waiting to proceed against My father. Today I was as King of Jove Ponniah for the other contact inform a Sean, and to let Me know who is receiving My emails at the Ottawa Courthouse so I can hold them accountable for failing to answer My emails.

Now, I am trying really hard to Give Jove Ponniah the benefit of the doubt and presume he’s not also trying to gaslight Me, though it very much appears that Way. He responded today to say something about how he can’t Give Me the inform a Sean for the injured parties their Self, only their lawyer. I’m not as King for anything more than that, I’m as King for exactly the same inform a Sean he Gave Me for the other Claim, I just need them both. Again, this should only take a few seconds for Jove to look up, save a copy of the pdf, and forward it to Me exactly like he did the first time.

That was the email that started the day. You tell Me if Jove Ponniah is attempting to gaslight Me here, or if it’s just My Imagine a Sean. You can leave Your thoughts in the comments on any Post here.

I find it very interesting that We now know that Jove Ponniah does in fact work for the Toronto Superior Court as the Supervisor of Court operations. So is Jove also an ‘associate Attorney General’, or was that just to sound impressive, not knowing I’d be publishing his email?

I am being satirical, I do believe he is legitimately also the associate, or at least an associate Attorney General – tough to say how many there might be, one for each Court, maybe? I just find it interesting that he first announces him Self to Me as the associate Attorney General, and now as the Court supervisor? I feel like he’s doing this to take a step back and absolve him Self of liability. He is still an agent of a Superior Court of Justice and has equal duty to put the harm to a stop and arrest criminal conduct when made known to him.

Fact is, I don’t really care much for Titles, that’s actually part of the reason why I go by King Sean, House von Dehn – if We are all equal in dignity and rights, may as well Claim the highest position there is, right?! The point is, I was as King for the supervisor, the Man in charge of the Court and their clerks, the Man liable for the negligence of this Court. Any representative of this Court, is also a representative of the Ontario Superior Court and has the same guarantee to the protect Sean of My inherent rights.

So here is My reply.

But that wasn’t the only Magic for this Monday Motive a Sean, I also included a new email to Nital S. Gosai to let her know that I Will require a letter of release if she does not Wish to proceed with her Claims. It was also sent to My siblings and their lairs posing as lawyers.

Well, the name ‘Nital’ means ‘there is no end’ – so I suppose she’s at least Living up to her name, as there Will be no end until I get some answers.

We’ll be following up with Jove regularly to determine if he Will be more Valuable as a Cameo or in a Starring Role in Universal Pictures Special Present a Sean. I also anticipate that Opening Ceremonies Will be wrapping up at the end of this month so We can get on with Our feature Present a Sean.

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