Hello every One, and welcome to the Universe City Play House Main Stage for the third week of Our Opening Ceremonies, and a Second Spelling of Magic Cast into the Ontario Superior Court of Justice yesterday to add some Magic to Lucky Wednesday.

It is important to Note that although Agent Smith ruled against The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean in the Trust Claim, I did respond to advise Smith’s Agent (for service of documents) that I could not accept the decision for fraud, as fraud vitiates all contracts and is unacceptable on a Court of Record.

Of course, this is True, and I included a screenshot showing the Claims that were still outstanding, and showing that My father is still ‘unrepresented’ as far as the Court of Record is concerned. The ‘problem’ is that there has been no response from the Court OR any opposing counsel since. Even if opposing counsel believed that My protest of acceptance was invalid and that the decision was binding, they would still need to bring a Motion to settle the Order because I have protested acceptance.

Opposing counsel would have had to do exactly what they did when I protested acceptance of the Hooper endorsement for same, which resulted in a Motion with court clerk Derrick Bert who verified My accusation of fraud – and did nothing about it! In fact, he tried to convince Me that the Court not having a Record of any of Certificate being Issued doesn’t mean they are engaged in fraud!

In addition to the protest of acceptance, opposing counsel were also Noted in ‘Default Judgement, Res Judicata’ on November 3rd for the full Value of the Claim – and then some. Once again, no protest from any One, and the Notice was served on all parties and the Ottawa Superior Court.

It’s been over two months now and still NOTHING? No response at all? Do they treat every One this Way, or is this a Special Degree of discriminate-Sean? It’s not suspicious at all, right?

My belief now, is that it has been the Ottawa Superior Courthouse conspiring against Me from the beginning. I am thing King that Steven Pardou was fired for removing a default judgement against the City of Ottawa from the Court of Record without Notice to Me and… Well, also highly illegal and unlawful, especially as a clerk for the Court.

I only believe this because I immediately complained to a supervisor and requested for her to ensure that Steven is NEVER allowed to come anywhere near any documents I file with the Court, and never allowed to touch any of My case files. I haven’t seen him since and I’ve been at the Courthouse plenty since then, and he used to be as common as furniture in the lobby – I would never not see him!

Now I’m wondering if Derrick Bert has also been fired and perhaps the Court as an impartial body is now aware that the Ottawa Courthouse has some super corrupt clerks war King against Me and might just be getting around to weeding them out! They have been complicit with the Bracebridge Courthouse, and perhaps even suggested filing the application there to help avoid accountability and detect-Sean.

Remember, there was NEVER any intent on the part of opposing counsel to actually file an application, the whole charade was exclusively to deceive Me into believing they had so they wouldn’t have to deal with $3 million in insurance claims. If they ACTUALLY made an application, the insurance claims against My father would also proceed and receive Notice of the Appointment of a Trustee which was the whole motive behind deceiving Me in the first place – or at least, that’s My guess.

For all I know (and as sad as it may sound) the motive may actually have been to cause Me and My late father as much harm as possible, and the insurance claims were just unfortunate (but necessary) collateral damage.

At any rate, not responding to My emails is not a protest of acceptance, either – by default, the Common Law presumes the last Word, is the last Word!

So I figure it’s only fair to let opposing counsel know that interest continues to accumulate on the Principal Value of the Trust Claim until costs are fully paid into the Court. I’m as King for $169,191.92, which is three times what each lawyer is as King of from Me (I’m One Man doing three times the work to defend against three law firms and six liars posing as lawyers). It’s fair because that’s exactly what I told opposing counsel I would be as King for if they were as King for costs from Me. They Wish for Me to pay for their fraud? I should be as King for ten times the amount!!!

If One takes the time to read the email, You Will see that I don’t beat around the proverbial bush, I get right to the berries. This Spelling of Magic was Cast into the Ottawa Superior Court of Justice yesterday, and I still haven’t heard anything today. Again, there has not been any reply to Me at all from this Court since November 3rd at least!

Honestly, as much as I do make a mockery of the Situate-Sean, this really has not been easy to deal with psychologically – it has taken a toll for sure. I don’t have much patience for these People anymore, I don’t Trust any One in Canada’s government, and I have plenty of reason not to. One of My Friends is so concerned about the situation he was as King of Me if I want his Friend to file My Claim into an international Court for Me (his friend is an international immigration lawyer).

For now I’ve said no because I am cautiously optimistic that now that I’m in touch with the creditors My siblings have been trying to avoid, We Will finally see some Justice. At the same time, it is a little curious that it is taking so long for the creditors to respond to Me, but they do have a lot of inform a Sean to consider and it Will absolutely affect their entire Claim and strategy moving forward, so maybe they just need some time.

The Magic of this Casting Call is to let You know that if I do not hear back from the Court tomorrow, Jove Ponniah Will receive another email from Me as King for the contact inform a Sean for the other creditors, and for the name of the individual receiving emails at the general delivery for the Ottawa Courthouse so that he can compel them to respond to Me.

I have a feeling it Will be a very interesting weekend. It would be nice to have the Opening Ceremonies mostly or completely concluded by the end of the month so that We can get this Show started, but it all depends on how State Actors respond to My Casting Calls.

Time Will tell.

Today’s feature photo is Neil Milton of Milton’s Estate Law, the main conspirator to the fraud, with both the owner of the firm and his main agent, Hala Tabl, engaged in Estate fraud with criminal intent to hide assets from creditors. Real nice People…

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