Well, a new Star was Officially Cast into Universal Pictures Special Present a Sean, ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael, and the Magnificent Estate Fraud’ which Will be Showing here on the Main Stage until the Story reaches its End. Ironically (and perhaps One may even say poetically) the name Nital means ‘there is no end’ and as the Principal lawyer for the firm Gosai Law, Nital does not reply to emails.

Initially, I was naive enough to believe that maybe Nital was just very busy. Honourable Justice of Canada’s Supreme Court, Richard Mosley, just recently announced that Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Measures Act was illegal, unlawful, unintelligible, unreasonable, and a number of other things. The Honourable Judge finally spanked Trudeau in a Way only a Good Judge would be capable – it’s about as scathing as it can be without ever crossing any professional codes of conduct. Consequently, (and as One might suspect) the courts are busier than usual ever since the decision was announced because a lot of Canada’s People Will now be entitled to compensate Sean.

I continued to follow up with Nital, but the ignorance was True to her Calling under God and ‘never ending’.

Eventually, on the 25th of January, a Lucky thirteen days after first emailing Nital in hopes of learning what harm My father was alleged to have done to her clients, I served Nital with a Notice of Liability and Notice of Claim.

At this point, I am growing suspicious. I even indicate to Nital that I’m growing suspicious because I can’t for the Life of Me understand why a Law firm claiming to be tireless in their pursuit of Justice and committed to quick and efficient resolute-Sean’s would not Wish to get back to Me, even if only to thank Me for the inform a Sean or let Me know that they require some time to process the inform a Sean! For a Law firm to ignore My emails for thirteen days is very suspicious at best. Nonetheless, I was still hoping the Notice of Claim would elicit some kind of reasonable explain a Sean, and that I was just overreacting – they couldn’t possibly be involved and complicit with the conspiracy, could they?

Well, I decided that if Nital Wishes to demonstrate such contempt, lack of professionalism, and Act in a Way that is the polar opposite to the Virtues and Principles of Justice her firm claims to be advocating for, the People of Canada deserve to know how corrupt their firm Truly is.

So I Published a Post about it here, and told You that We were Casting a new Role for Nital in this Play House Premier Present a Sean, and that I would be sending her a link to the Post in an email as a Casting Call.

Wouldn’t You know, THIS succeeded in getting the job done! Nital ‘the Narcissist Ghost’ Gosai, is concerned about her repute a Sean. And because Gosai Law and Nital ‘the Narcissist Ghost’ Gosai have such fierce resolve for integrity in their profession, Nital responded to Me very Sincerely to apologize for the harm she’s done to both Me and the repute a Sean of her colleagues and firm by Way of her negligence and lack of empathy for My concerns, and finally answered all of My Quest-Ions, putting My troubled Mind to rest.

I’m just teasing You!!! Of course they didn’t do that!!! That’s what an Honourable and reputable Law firm with nothing to hide would do!!!

A narcissist Will deflect and project. I’m responsible for the harm done to Nital’s firm because I’m reporting her contempt, belligerence, cowardice, and ignorance – how her firm treats a stranger with an interest in a Matter concerning their clients.

Nital ‘the Narcissist Ghost’ Gosai, does not even have the decency or moral integrity to address Me her Self, she ‘lawyer’s down’ and has Nancy ‘the Barker’ Barkhordari threaten Me with legal Action for defame a Sean while they defame My Public a Sean by suggesting that what I’m telling You is false!

Again, hard to believe this is real, True to Life lawyers in Action, but not One Word is a lie, the majority of lawyers are nothing more than professional liars and narcissists – and eventually, some of them get promoted to Judge where power has the potential to Truly corrupt. (The profession was once called ‘Devilling’ but that was too conspicuous so they changed it to ‘lawyering’.)

The reason the entire profession is unlawful on its face, is because it is unreasonable to deny a Man his right to equality before the Law. So if the Rule of Law becomes so complex that a Common Man cannot hope to win in Court without ‘counsel’ to explain what the hell (pun intended) is going on, and if the ability of counsel is relative to what a Man can afford to pay the lawyer… Well, then all rights are subject to extorsion on their face because only People with wealth Will have any ability to enjoy their rights, and every One’s rights become subject to One’s wealth.

At least they are starting on the right foot with respect to how they are Styling their documents to Me. As lawyers, I’m not entirely sure if it speaks more to their ignorance or impunity considering We are in a constitutional democratic Monarchy where the People are presumed to be Sovereign in One’s natural state of being, but it’s certainly less antagonistic and aggravating than continually ignoring My Quest-Ions.

It also Presents for it Self the reason why We Call this the Universe City Play House Theatre – because all the world is a Stage, and this is how these Characters are choosing to Play their Part – God is the One to chose the Roles People in My Product-Sean Will Play.

I legitimately do NOT take kindly to threats and I was quick to advise Nital’s bodyguard Nancy ‘The Barker’ Barkhordari of such, reminding their proverbial Pitbull bitch that I’ve been waiting for a reply to My emails for nineteen days, and although I appreciate that I’m finally getting one, threatening a Man who has come to her in Good Faith and with Clean Hands with intent to help ensure her clients are duly compensated for any harm done to them by My late Father, is morally and ethically bankrupt – to be kind.

The bitch proved to be more Poodle than Pitbull – all bark, no bite, finally conceding that I’m the One whose been wrong done by, Gosai Law are destroying their own repute a Sean by Way of their example.

If People are not engaged in some kind of nefarious, criminal conduct, they have no reason whatsoever to not reply to Me promptly. They have no reason whatsoever to not provide Me with the inform a Sean I am as King for, and I’m not as King for anything I don’t have a legal and lawful right to be as King for.

However, they do concede they are in the wrong and provide Me with some of the inform a Sean I am as King for – they advise Me that the Claim against My father’s Estate was ‘discontinued’ on April 20th, 2020!!!

So sincere, so compassionate, such integrity and ethics, that they choose to threaten Me with a law suit, defame this Public a Sean and accuse Me Publishing hearsay and false Truths before responding to any of My Questions! The audacity and depravity of individuals like the lawyers of Gosai Law We’ve met so far, is a whole new level of narcissist nightmare I’d advise any One interested in any moral or ethical counsel to steer One’s citizen ship wide and clear from Gosai Law’s liars posing as lawyers if One Wishes to avoid being CAPSIZED and eaten by sharks at sea.

Well, the ankle-biting Poodle, posing as a bitch Pitbull bodyguard, is choosing to attack the Elephant in the room known for it’s incredible Memory. I don’t have what most People would recognize as a ‘photographic memory’, but I have something very much like it.

An individual with a photographic memory could look at a very detailed piece of paper with countless meticulous details for ten seconds and be able to tell any One any detail on the page as if it were still in front of them. I did a legitimate test once because I’ve had several People tell Me they believe I have a photographic memory, and I scored zero out of ten! One cannot ‘fake’ having a photographic memory and I don’t have one.

However, My brain does take ‘snapshots’ of parts of pages if something is important to Me. In fact, it’s One of the only Ways I know how to identify the Special importance of something is because I don’t do it consciously.

When I received the second to last email reply from Gosai Law informing Me that the Claim against My late father had been discontinued, the first thing I Wished to know was when the Claim had been ‘discontinued’.

April 20, 2020

Well, that’s very interesting, isn’t it?

My Mind immediately Showed Me a vivid picture of the very same date on another Court document related to My late father’s Estate that was returned to My sister by the Bracebridge Courthouse.

Well, that is a very convenient coincidence, and if One is familiar with the Voice of God and the language of the Universe… Well,

I, like God, do not Play dice, and do not believe in coincidence.

V, V for Vendetta

Now, like a Good an Honourable Gentle Man, I Will let Gosai know about this most recent review to ensure they have fair opportunity to defend their Honour.

A new category Will soon be Created to Show Case this feature, Premier Present a Sean in the name of the Product Sean, ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’.

Post Script – For those Friends in My Microcosm that said to Me they believed the Song ‘Seven Nation Army’ was Created for Me because they believed One day I would be up against Seven might law firms. That is the official count of firms conspiring against Me and with the Ontario Superior Courts of Justice. And Jove ‘the Pathetic’ Ponniah, associate Attorney General of the Toronto Courthouse has been involved in this conspiracy for a very long time, and Will absolutely join Nital, and Nancy in the leading Roles for Our upcoming Present a Sean!

It’s going to be a very exciting Apocalypse!!!

Now, let’s see if this proverbial bitch has any bite. I’m as King for an apology and cooperate-Sean before I Will even consider reflecting their Character more favourably here. If they Wish to be treated with Honour and respect, they Will Act in a Way that is becoming of the legal and lawful profess Sean, and they Will prove that any statements I have made about any One are false.

Here is the definition of a ‘woman of colour’.

woman of color


pluralwomen of color

a woman whose skin pigmentation is other than and especially darker than what is considered characteristic of people typically defined as white (see WHITE entry 1 sense 2aa woman who is of a race (see RACE entry 1 sense 1a) other than white or who is of mixed race.

The literal definition of ‘women of colour’ is any woman that is not white. So Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai mentors young women unless they are white, in which case she vehemently discriminates by Way of her own legal and lawful, commonly understood, English definition.

*This warning of Gosai Law is Presented to You by Light House von Dehn Product-Sean’s, Created with Intent Sean to guide citizen ships safely back to the Star Port’s dry dock. All Copyright re-Served.

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