Hello every One and welcome to a Special, Magical ‘Son’ Day Matinee. I Call it ‘Son’ day as it is a day for Honouring both My late, biological father, as well as My True Father in Heaven. I Honour My Father in Heaven by Honouring My father on earth – ‘On Earth as in Heaven’.

Today is a perfect day for Writing a Script for Our latest Star in ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’. I had come to Gosai Law as a Friend thing King they would be very happy to hear from Me so that their clients can finally receive some compensation for the harm they alleged was done to them. Not exactly how it worked out!

Narcissist Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai, Principal lawyer for the firm refused to respond to any of My emails for nineteen days, at which point I Writ a Post here about how rude and discourteous the law firm is, advising potential future clients that these lawyers are fraudsters and cheats selling products ‘not as advertised’.

It succeeded in eliciting a reply from the firm because nothing in the Universe is more important to narcissists and Gosai Law than image. A narcissist doesn’t care if they are not as advertised, it’s not the repute a Sean of their firm they are concerned about, it is the Image – they just Wish for People to believe they are Good People who care about their clients and Will work ‘tirelessly’ in their pursuit of Justice. So tirelessly, they won’t lift a finger to write an email. And because they are liars, the unsuspecting public Will blindly Trust these People to advocate for them and be left penniless and bewildered without any resolution. And how likely is the common Man to know enough to sue their lawyer for not knowing the Law?

It’s a Good thing this Common Man is a King and does know the Rule of Law. God Gifted Me with Highness to elevate the status of My fell-low Man, and that’s what We Will do.

Without further ado, here is the Letter of Demand I received from Gosai Law. Please also keep in Mind this is the FIRST reply I’m receiving from them, and they START with threats and intimidate Sean tactics.

Reply to Letter of Demand:

Dear King Sean, House von Dehn,

  • Narcissist Nancy ‘the Barker’ Barkhordari, “You are identified as the source of the article “Nital the Ghost Gosai” posted on www.thekingdonofheavenfoundasean.club/magical-Monday-casting-call-starring-nital-theghost-gosai/.”

Yes, this is True. I felt compelled to tell the Public that Your firm Promises to be ‘dedicated to resolving Matters as quickly and efficiently as possible’ but doesn’t seem to know how to respond to emails, or felt it was necessary to discriminate against Me specifically for unknown reasons. Clearly, this is false advertising.

This technique for avoiding communications is commonly called ‘ghosting’ some One, and is considered a form of emotional and psychological abuse, usually reserved for ending relationships, and not typically utilized as a professional strategy by organizations attempting to dodge accountability for their actions. This is childish, immature behaviour and not becoming of an adult, much less a professional law firm.

  • “As you are well aware, the contents of your article are not true and do not constitute an opinion”

This is perjury and lies – but not surprising from a firm that has no problem engaging in Estate and Court fraud. You are defaming My property with false allegations. Everything I have Writ about Your firm is True, factual, and self evidently so. You are the aggressor, accusing Me of making false statements while refusing to identify a single falsehood in the article. Everything in Your letter to Me is fraud and lies, proving this is typical of Your firm and that the Article is a beautiful, accurate representation of the bitches war King for Gosai Law, and their contempt for People who come to them as Friends.

I’m not sure what Your definition of ‘opinion’ is, but My thoughts and ideas about Your firm constitute what People generally call an ‘opinion’ of Your firm based on My experiences with Your narcissistic principle agent, Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosia, who is so morally bankrupt, she doesn’t even have the courage or decency to respond to Me directly. That’s not integrity, that’s cowardice and what is know as My ‘opinion’ of Nital S. Gosai – I believe she is a criminal posing as a lawyer, and I’m entitled to My opinion until You prove Me incorrect.

Instead, Nital has a never ending desire to hide behind her STAFF and blame Me for the harm her contempt and lack of professionalism is causing the repute a Sean of her company? That is a TEXTBOOK narcissist, look it up. You are officially a narcissist, too because You should sufficient common sense to know this, and if You don’t… You’d better lawyer up before standing before Me in a court of Law because I Will crush You if You dare to make such stupid arguments to a Court.

Is Nital suffering from mental health issues, need some time off or something? I’m not as King of You this question to be facetious or humorous – mental health is a very serious issue and if Nital isn’t competent or confident enough to address Me her Self, I’m not sure this is the right profession for her. Otherwise, I believe the reason Nital had You respond for her, Nancy, is because she knows she’s guilty of fraud and Will need a Good lawyer. I’m not suggesting You are that lawyer, I’m suggesting Nital believes You are. Only criminals lawyer up before saying a Word.

I’m not the One acting like a criminal clown, You are! Highly suspicious that You don’t Wish to respond to a Man offering to make Your allegedly injured parties whole. No, instead, You wait nineteen days to tell Me You have no intentions of proceeding with the Claims against My father!? Is that compassion and integrity You are tall King about on Your website? Again, I am thing King You require a dictionary before creating Your next landing page if You Wish to be Truthful about Your firm and its agents.

  • This letter constitutes a demand that you immediately remove the article within 48 hours of this letter, failing which, Gosai Law will commence civil proceedings against you for inter alia general, pecuniary, aggravated, and punitive damages arising out of the defamatory remarks. In addition to her claim for damages, Gosai Law will look to recover her legal costs from you.

What ‘defamatory’ remarks? If it’s My opinion that You are a bitch for threatening Me with legal action when I have come to You with inform a Sean with intent to help clients of Yours I believed to have been injured receive remedy for the harm done to them, this is BEYOND inappropriate – it is in fact criminal.

As stated previously, this is called projection and deflection. I haven’t said one false Word about Your firm, and You didn’t provide Me with One Word of courtesy. I had to tell the world how pathetic and corrupt Your firm is before You even replied, accusing the facts as unfairly representing You. You are negligent, You ignored My email for nineteen days and then threatened Me with a law suit for complaining about the Way You treat Me? What kind of heathens are You? So I’m telling the rest of Canada’s People what kind of treatment and respect they can expect from Your firm, and why I believe if You haven’t suffered sufficient financial losses to bankrupt Your firm and protect Canada’s People from Your nefarious, criminal conduct, My work is not done yet.

Before You Will be entitled to any financial damages, You Will have to prove I have said anything false – Good luck with that. Secondly, You Will have to show how much wealth Your firm has lost. Do You have ANY Idea what this Public a Sean is worth? You just accused this public a Sean of publishing falsehoods. If You can’t prove My assertions of Nital’s contempt and lack of professionalism is typical of a kindergartner, not a professional lawyer and principle agent of the firm.

Nital is engaged in fraud and has been hoping to deceive Me for almost four years and is more than a little disappointed I have managed to catch up to hold her to account for her criminal trespasses.

I look forward to Your reply, and I Will Post it here.

If You don’t have the service of those documents I’m as King for before 9:00 Avant Midi tomorrow, Monday February 5th, I Will be as King for criminal prosecution as well as monetary relief.

If You Wish to sue Me… The King says, ‘bring it on, bitches‘!!!

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