Or should it be ‘Gosai Law, Crime in All Casting Call?’, as they seem to have their Hands in a lot a criminal enterprises for trespass, fraud, criminal intent to trespass, interfering with Justice, fraud with criminal intent to influence justice, defame a Sean, breach of Trust, breach of Oath, and I’m sure a Good Crown prosecutor could come up with a bunch more (conspiracy to commit fraud, collusion, et cetera)?

I’ll send them a link to the Post when I’m done and see if they have any suggest Sean’s.

Until then, let’s get back to the first Act of this Play. We followed up with Gosai Law to let them know We have provided an Official reply to their Letter of Demand and attempt to threaten and intimidate Me for telling the People of Canada how rude and ignorant their Principle lawyer, Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai is to People who come to her as a Friend in Good Faith with inform a Sean beneficial to her clients.

In fact, Nital S. Gosai didn’t bother to reply to Me at all – then or now! Doesn’t even have the integrity to apologize, make up some excuse for the contempt and ignorance I’ve experienced, kindly as King of Me to remove the Post, assuring Me I’ve got the wrong impression of her firm and that We just got off on the wrong foot – some incredible misunderstanding. That’s what any Honourable, reasonable individual would do! But not Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai, of Gosai Law where the Spirit of the Law is a ghost with no Real Presence. Criminals lawyer up, deflect, and project.

No. Instead, I received a Letter of Demand from Nancy ‘the Narcissist Barker’ Barkhordari threatening ‘civil’ Action if the defamatory remarks are not removed. It’s only defamation if its false, and every Word is True and factual.

I put a muzzle on Nital’s Pitbull bodyguard bitch, Narcissist Nancy ‘the Barker’ Barkhordari by advising her that I don’t take kindly to threats, particularly from criminals engaged in Estate and Court fraud. I advised Nital S. Gosai that I would be warning the public about their criminal enterprise until Justice prevails and I am made whole for the trespasses upon My Trust obligate Sean’s to My father in Heaven.

Of course, I must be True to My Word and I find it rather convenient that Francesca ‘the Fraudster’ Nosotti is the accountant for the firm because that Will be the department that pays the Bill for all the Charges I have against them. Every agent of the firm represents the firm and is therefor complicit with the crimes as the firm’s representative agent unless they protest the Actions of their Principle lawyer. Otherwise, the Law presumes they are all colluding with Nital S. Gosai to trespass upon a Trust Instrument and My Trust obligate Sean’s in relate Sean to it, with absolute impunity. I Will NOT tolerate it, and if this is the kind of individual Nital S. Gosai is, then if her firm stands with her, they are every bit as corrupt and criminal.

So I’m going to Post a mug shot to Show all the agents of Gosai Law war King for and colluding with Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai’s criminal enterprise. This is Francesca ‘the Fraudster’ Nosotti.

Who knows, maybe the accountant Will prove to have a Highness of morals and ethics that Will not support the criminal actions of her firm’s Principal fraudster and perverter of Justice, Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai. Accountants generally Wish to lead less adventurous Life Styles than the likes of People like Me and liars posing as lawyers engaged in fraud. Francesca probably knows first hand how corrupt the business is and may not Wish to go down with the ship.

None of these individuals have any One to blame for their photos being Posted here but Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai, and until she provides Me with the inform a Sean I am legally and lawfully entitled to, there Will be a feature Present a Sean for a new member of her firm to look forward to reading every single day until I receive full payment for the harm done to Me and My father. You all Wish to support Nital’s fraud and trespass upon My Trust obligate Sean’s to My late father, You are morally and ethically bankrupt, likely sociopaths, and deserve everything Canada’s Criminal Code can throw at You.

The law presumes all agents of Gosai Law are Acting as One belligerent, morally and ethically bankrupt sociopath determined to trespass upon a Man’s Spiritual and Trust obligate Sean’s to Honour his late father. You all deserve everything God has in store for You.

Stay tuned, We Will soon be serving them with Notice of Liability and Notice of Claim for the full amount, then We Will be following up with Jove Ponniah to see how much liability he Wishes to share for his Courts participate Sean in the fraud!

Oh, it’s going to get very exciting very quickly!!!

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