ALL Canada’s State Actors are treasonous traitors, and it is no wonder that Justin Trudeau has not been arrested for treason because everything You see in the House of Commons is just smoke and mirrors

Welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean at the Universe City Play House Theatre. These Characters are Truly something out of Real Life Fantasy fiction. Doesn’t this lady look so Trust-worthy and professional? No Way a lady like this would serve

Hello every One and welcome to the first Scene of the Second Act in ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’, and what a Fabulous Present a Sean We’ve had so far!!! The Plot, like a simmering

Or should it be ‘Gosai Law, Crime in All Casting Call?’, as they seem to have their Hands in a lot a criminal enterprises for trespass, fraud, criminal