Hello every One and welcome to Friday’s Feature Present a Sean, Act III, Scene IV of ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Cons Piracy’. It is an exciting Scene today because We have the current Play Bill for the Show, which currently sits at a whopping six million, twenty-six thousand, nine hundred and twenty-two dollars and thirty-seven cents!

If You are wondering why thirty-seven is in italics its because it is God’s Magical number for Me. Thirty-seven is always a Sign of the Highest Divinity, the Mind of God. So whenever I see the number, I pay special attention… You know, like adding up the full series of numbers to determine the sum of all.

$6,026,922.37= 6+0+2+6+9+2+2+3+7=37=3+7=10=1+0=1. This is also why 37 is a Secret message for ‘the One’.

Probably just a coincidence for those who Wish to believe in such things.

What We can believe in, is that ALL Canada’s State Actors are treasonous traitors, and it is no wonder that Justin Trudeau has not been arrested for treason because everything You see in the House of Commons is just smoke and mirrors Acting, convincing People that the opposition party is going to hold the government accountable. They won’t. They are just as complicit, but to convince You they are not, they have to find the Issues which divide People enough to make People THINK and BELIEVE there is a justice system in Canada. There isn’t. Canada is a fascist dictatorship operating under the guise of a democracy where all parties represent the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization.

The two leading parties are identical on foreign policy, and it’s the foreign policy that’s the problem because putting foreign interests before Canada’s People is TREASON. The conservatives are just as complicit with the treasonous Trudeau agenda, they just don’t Wish for You to know they are, so they ‘appear’ to be concerned that Trudeau has not been arrested yet. If any One in Canada were Honouring their Oath, he’d be in jail for life already and waiting to stand trial at Nuremberg for mandating China’s bioweapon technology on Canada’s People. In fact, We have reason to believe the virus was tailor made to harm Canadians more than the rest of the world because Trudeau was helping Chinese biolabs develop military grade bioweapons by sharing information from Canada’s highest security biolab.

They probably don’t Wish for Canadians to know that Canada sounds like it has been war King on gain of function research, too! Well, what do You know? Of course the United States would be as King of Canada to continue Fauci’s illegal and unlawful bioweapon research in Canada’s highest security lab because no One Will ever be thing King Canada would be involved in such nefarious Acts. Canada is the most corrupt country on the planet right now, and it doesn’t Matter what party You vote for, Trudeau has bought the entire house.

The deal is, make it LOOK like every One is Giving Trudeau a hard time so that People vote overwhelmingly conservative, then the conservatives Will just continue Giving money to Ukraine to support biolabs, money laundering and sex trafficking for their elite, and support the genocide of innocent Palestinians for the Zionist Nazis in Israel.

Anyway, enough of My ramblings, here is today’s Play Bill.

As You can see, the Play Bill was Posted to all Actors Starring in the Show so far, each are jointly and severally liable for the full Value, and as of 5:00 this afternoon, Sally the Gangster Gomery loses her immunity from Prosecute-Sean. Every single one of these clowns posing as judges Will be charged to the fullest extent of the Law in an international Court of Justice. As with insurance, judges are NOT immune from prosecution when they are Willfully engaged in criminal Acts, and it would be unreasonable to presume otherwise at this point. The fraud could not be more clear or obvious, yet no One Wishes to take any Action because every One involved in the fraud are members of the Law Society of Ontario and… Well, You know, this might be bad for their repute a Sean!

I’ll have more for You soon. I’m also going to be as King for another $1 for every MP I’m compelled to contact before some One takes Action and Honours their Trust obligate Sean’s.

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