Hello every One and welcome to the Fifth Scene of Act III, and what a Show I have for You all this evening! Thank King all of You for Your Presence, it is the most Treasured Gift of Our Play House Keep. I would also like to thank every One for making this Product Sean so successful! Although the Universe City Play House Theatre only went into Product-Sean this January, We already have guests visiting from twenty-six countries around the world, including Russia and China! I am so delighted to have all of You, I do not perceive Russia or China to be My enemy, neither have ever threatened Me with any harm. I hope You are all enjoying the Show, all the World is in Deed a Stage!

Obviously, most of the visitors are from Canada, but I’m very Pleased to see that so many other countries are interested in My Story because it relates to every One.

Jove the Pathetic Ponniah is in Deed the Star of the Show.

As per usual, Jove the Pathetic Ponniah is attempting to gaslight Me! I can appreciate People underestimating Me when they know nothing about Me, but Jove should know Me a little better than that by now!

Once again, Jove the Pathetic Ponniah Gives Me Parts of what I am as King for so that I have to try and Peace this Puzzle together, find out if any One was actually injured by criminal Tiffany the Gold-Digging Grifter Singh, or if this is just some big scam her and a few of her favourite stripper buddies decided to pull to claim insurance money. My instincts tell Me that all the People allegedly injured by this accident are in fact Friends of Tiffany’s who are in on the grift. At this point, still impossible for Me to know, only speculate Sean at this point.

However, My instincts are what Give Me a distinct edge over My adversaries because I can smell a lie like I can smell the decaying corpse of a dead rat. It is reasonable to presume that Jove the Pathetic Ponniah and his Court (Toronto Superior Court of Just-is) is guilty of something, otherwise the clerks of the Court would have at least responded to Me in reasonable time to say something, and would not continue to withhold inform a Sean from Me when I am as King for it.

A clerk would have responded to Me to provide the inform a Sean, but instead clerks responded to Me providing excuses for not providing the inform a Sean – I’ve seen this Song and Dance before at the Bracebridge Superior Court and was not as King for an encore performance. When I advised the clerks that they have an obligate Sean to provide this inform a Sean for Me upon request, bcc’ing the Minister of Justice and the Crown Law Office for service on the Crown (so they can’t claim they don’t know the ’cause of Action’ for a forthcoming claim), Jove the Pathetic Ponniah finally responded, claiming he was answering as the ‘Associate Minister of Justice and Attorney General’, and Supervisor of Operations for the Toronto Courthouse. The Supervisor of Operations is the One who is to ensure the Court is operating in accordance with the Rule of Law and the Rules of Civil Procedure.

How are some of the other Ways I can identify that People might be engaged in fraud and or not being completely forthcoming in their replies to Me? When they reply to an email sent out to twenty-six recipients, only to Me. Jove doesn’t Wish for the lawyers to know that he’s informing on them, and he doesn’t Wish for his superiors to know what he’s trying to pass off to Me as a Court of Record. I’ve officially been as King for the full Court of Record in chronological order as the documents were filed with the Court at least three times now – still don’t have it. But We did get a few more pieces of the puzzle today – five more, to be precise.

My guess, is that Jove’s superiors are holding Jove liable for the Crown as the Supervisor and Associate Attorney General, and Jove is hoping to put a stop to My emails by providing Me with bits and pieces of what I am as King for, hoping it Will satisfy My appetite. Doesn’t Jove know that I have an insatiable appetite for inform a Sean? I Will not be satisfied until I know everything there is to know about this Matter.

But some other instincts proved True today, too. I figured that Nital the Ghost of Gosai and primary narcissist posing as lawyer for her firm (Ghosts of) ‘Gosai Law’ wouldn’t be as King an innocent bystander from her firm to serve Me with a letter of demand threatening Me with a lawsuit, courtesy of her bitch bodyguard, Nancy the Barker Barkhordari when she knows damn well she’s withholding inform a Sean from Me I am legally and Lawfully entitled to, and for which she is legally and lawfully required to have, if she wasn’t already in on the grift in the first place. Every One involved Will be just as nervous as narcissist Nital, the Principal Ghost of Gosai engaged in insurance and court fraud.

Yes, it was Francesca the Narcissist Nosotti of Ghosts of Gosai that provided an Affidavit of Service upon My father and Tiffany Singh, without providing proof of the service on the parties to the Claim, or even bothering to ensure any One is appointed to receive for My dead father. Tiffany Singh lives somewhere in Toronto near where the car accident took place.

Swearing Service of Documents on Dead People to aid and abet Court fraud with criminal intent

An affidavit of service is required with a copy of the service on the other party. For Me to file a Claim, I need to Show the Court that it was served on opposing counsel by printing a copy of the email of service and or providing the receipt from Canada Post Showing the delivery was received. Most law firms Will hire a process server who requires Signature to Show that an actual individual received the Claim. Once again, I was clearly as King for the Affidavit of Service AND proof of service on the parties, knowing Jove can’t have it because neither of the defendants live at the address provided. In fact, regular mail can’t even be delivered there without a post office box, it would be returned to sender.

First, please read My latest email to the Court in what is becoming a long thread of emails.

Above is the email Jove is responding to. Below are his replies.

Notice how this email is sent only to Me?! Jove does NOT Wish for his superiors to know this is how he’s responding to Me. We have sent Jove screenshots of the Claims We Wish to have the Court of Record for, We have included the precise CV numbers for each claim at least four times previously, yet he’s as King Me like this is the first time he’s received the requisition?! Infuriating and aggravating, but this is what I have come to expect from Jove, and why he is the Pathetic Ponniah.

So We first have to call Jove out on his gaslighting.

You might take Notice that the reason People like Jove the Pathetic Ponniah hate People like Me, is because I know exactly what he’s trying to do by not sending the email to any One but Me, so I respond to his gaslighting by adding all the other parties the original email went out to, so that every One can see that Jove is trying to help cover for the criminals by withholding inform a Sean and Playing dumb. Ignorance is no excuse, even for an ignoramus.

Notice Jove the Pathetic Ponniah is doing the same thing here. This email is an entirely separate thread only to Me, and once again these are NOT official Court documents, as convincing as they might look. The name of the file is all One needs to know they are engaged in fraud or they would have a Title that corresponds with the CV number of the Claim. These are ‘private’ filings off the Court of Record, being held in Secret at the Toronto Courthouse.

Here’s Jove the Pathetic Ponniah’s second reply to Me today.

If any of this was legit, the Court of Record Will be updated. They can’t update the Court of Record because they don’t have the required documents, and updating the Court of Record now Will alert the Court of Record to the fact that none of these documents were processed to the Court of Record when they were received. The dates Will not match (obviously). The whole point to a Court of Record is to have a chronological Record of when People are receiving and responding to Matters before the Court. If that is NOT done, any of these documents can be switched out for a document of fraud at any time, dates can be changed, et cetera. This is NOT how Claims are processed by the Court if they are following the Rules of Civil Procedure – this is uncivilized Court conduct fit for fraudsters only.

But despite having the Affidavit of Service for all of these claims and corresponding Notices of Discontinuance, We are still missing service of a Statement of Defense and PROOF that any of these People exist and have legal representation! There is NO LAWYER OF RECORD FOR EITHER DEFENDANT!!!

But My instincts were also correct about Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi, who I figured MUST be in on the grift because typically, his job would be to ensure fraudulent claims against his client, ‘INTACT INSURANCE’ do NOT succeed, not to ensure that they do!

Well, wouldn’t You know, please take a close look at the following ‘Affidavits of Service’ where Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi is Acting as counsel for both the Plaintiff and the Defendants! How easy is it to win a claim if One is Acting as both plaintiff and defendant? How easy Will it be to win a game of chess if I can tell My opponent where they should move? This is absolutely freaking incredible! No WONDER liars posing as lawyers Give lawyers such a bad repute a Sean – the bad ones are as evil and corrupt as they come.

So I am VERY glad that I Trusted My instincts and told Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi that in addition to being jointly and severally liable for the full Value of the Claim 22-89835 for the tort of trespass upon My Trust obligate Sean’s to My father in Heaven, I Will also be as King for five million from Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi and INTACT INSURANCE.

What a POS!!!

Here’s the proof he’s playing both sides to get the result he desires in violation of My father’s right to legal represent a Sean. These are the FIVE additional pieces of inform a Sean I received today, though still no ‘proof of service’, and no One charged yet!? How insane is that? And how corrupt does a country’s Court need to be for this kind of thing to take place? Canada is completely compromised by corporate interests.

The above Notice of Discontinuance clearly Shows that Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi is Acting as counsel and Signing for both parties!!!

What I would Love to know, is who Gave consent to Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi to speak for My father? Where is his CAET application, where is the ETDL application? Did Rohit just appoint him Self without as King any One? Amazing audacity some People have.

As I have said before, like a slow simmering soup, the plot continues to thicken.

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