Hello, and welcome to Act III, Scene III of ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Cons Piracy’, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My Play House Theatre.

Today the Honourable Member of Parliament, Larry Brock received a second email from Me, adding him to the list of Ontario Superior Court officials I’m Writing almost every day to see if any One can tell Me why the Ontario Superior Courts are weaponizing the Courts against Canada’s People and not only allowing criminal interference of Justice, but apparently acting as a fence for criminals hoping to engage in Court fraud by allowing liars posing as lawyers to note unrepresented litigants in default by serving documents on fraudulent addresses and non existent People, so that they can use those default judgements to receive insurance payouts. It appears to be a very common Superior Court black market ‘side hussle’ they have going on at the expense of Canada’s People.

The Real criminal is this Man, Arif the Vile Virani, because he is legally and lawfully responsible for the People war King for his Courts and is allowing criminal conduct to continue despite having first Hand knowledge that his Courts are interfering with the Canadian People’s access to justice, and appear to be doing it with malicious, criminal intent to interfere with Justice.

What greater betrayal could there be than the Courts depriving People of their right to Justice? The problem for Arif the Vile Virani, is that the Courts don’t have the capacity to be corrupt, only a Man can be receiving My emails at the Courthouse, and only a Man can choose to IGNORE them. Ignorance of the Law is no excuse (in fact according to the Rule of Law, it is tacitly conceding to the stated facts).

Arif the Vile Virani, Canada’s Treasonous Minister of Just-Is Arif Virani likes it, and with no regard for the People’s constitution. A Man-child like Trudeau Treason and the rest of his criminal posse posing as public servants.

But today’s greater concern is the Honourable Member of Parliament, Larry Brock. I always forward My last email to a couple of Friends so that I always have impartial witnesses to My Deeds. Every One who reads this Story is also a witness to the facts in Real time. The Quest-Ion is, is it REASONABLE to presume that ANY Member of Parliament would IGNORE an ‘S.O.S.’?

Honourable Member of Parliament, Larry Brock?

There are any number of things the Member of Parliament could do, the least of which would be responding to Me, even if it’s just to say how horrified and sorry he is to hear about this ridiculous situation. Surely if I don’t know how to compel the Court to respond, this Member of Parliament must have SOME influence with the Courts and Canada’s Minister of Justice, right?

Sure, it’s easy enough to believe the Courts Will discriminate against Me with extreme prejudice because I’m not a liar or a lawyer, I’m a King… But are We to truly believe that if Larry Brock were to email the Court as King what is going on that they would just ignore his email also? No – it is not at all reasonable to believe that would happen!

So why is Larry not getting back to Me? Is he in on the grift, too! IS the opposition party just an illusion, is the inquiry of the police just to satisfy the bloodlust of the People for the Trudeau Treason? Doesn’t look like Larry Brock is the no-nonsense Man he pretends to be in the House of Commons, because any email sent to a Member of Parliament’s office ‘S.O.S.’ stating that I am concerned for My safety as a result of the corruption I have witnessed taking place in the Courts… Not a Good look for a Man who allegedly represents ‘ethics’ in Canada. No wonder Trudeau is so lost, look at his peers…

We’re really just hoping that Larry Brock is suffering from Stage fright and that We Will have something exciting to Present in this Play House tomorrow. If not, We can start thing King about Fun names for Larry in Our Universal Product-Sean!

If We don’t hear from Larry before 5:00 Friday, March 1st, 2024, he Will lose the Honour of his Title and Will receive a Stage name instead. I’ll also be as King for $1 million in additional fines for every State Actor I am required to contact before Justice prevails. I’m no rush, ladies and gentlemen, so start popping Your popcorn and get ready for an Epic Present a Sean!

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