“The most corrupt government this country has ever seen!” Member of Parliament, Honourable Larry Brock.

All the World is a Stage and the Member of Parliament for the municipalities of Brantford/Brant Ontario, very much appears to be very concerned about the corruption of Canada’s government and the treasonous, criminal Acts of the liberal party in particular. Is he concerned? Will something ever be done? I know I’m not the first Man to be as King this Quest-Ion. Why have charges not been laid if every One is equal in Law, at Law, and before the Law?

I was cautiously optimistic that Pierre Poilievre was Promising opposition for Trudeau but I know he’s as complicit with the World Economic Forum’s Agenda as any One else, and it’s very easy to identify who is serving Canada’s People, and who is Playing a Role to convince the People they are serving their interests when in fact they are serving the globalist Nazis at the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization. If they support Ukraine, and Israel, they are Nazis in on the grift. We’re hoping Larry Brock is not one of them, Pierre Poilievre most certainly is.

Keep in Mind, Ontario is a ‘Conservative’ province, with Conservative Premier, Doug the Fraudster Ford who was found guilty of plenty of ethics violations him Self, Giving Greenbelt land to his besties. He was also emailed to advise him of the corruption taking place in the City of Ottawa whose city councilors are aiding and abetting the criminal acts of the public Trustee at Ontario Works and ignoring complaints of the Willful, criminal conduct of the public Trustees violating their oath with malicious intent to exploit the People they were Trusted to benefit.

Also Keep in Mind, Doug Ford imposed the illegal and unlawful Acts of the Trudeau regime. I didn’t hear Doug Ford complaining about vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and unlawful masking policies, he was as complicit as any One, enforcing public health orders that violate the constitutional rights of Canada’s People. Would You believe there is a Judge of the Superior Court suing her boss and another Judge of the Superior Court for unlawfully terminating her employment because she refused to provide her vaccine status!?

This is how We know that ALL the Courts have been compromised because every Judge who didn’t comply with the illegal and unlawful vaccine mandates, was removed from the bench!!! Now We can’t possibly have any impartial judges regarding the vaccine mandates because they all allowed the government to violate their constitutional right to autonomy over their health care and privacy rights concerning medical records, so no doubt if Judges were ‘made to take it’, they are certainly going to believe the People must waive their constitutional rights to autonomy over health care choices, too!

“I’m a judge of the Superior Court, and I had to get vaccinated to keep My job – You think You’re better than a Superior Court Judge?”

Hypothetical reasoning for every Judge of the Superior Court violating their Oath to enforce illegal mandates on every One else as ignorant and incompetent as they were in upholding Canada’s constitution, the One thing they were Trusted to protect above all else.

Astounding to Me that only ONE Judge was able to identify that this was illegal, unlawful, and something she was Willing to lose her job over? These are the People Trusted to defend the constitutional rights of Canada’s People and they don’t even have the integrity and competence to defend their own rights under the constitution!!! Useless as tits on a bull, they are!

You can read that Story here.

Before I close, I should probably let You know that technically, this Issue does NOT fall under the ‘purview’ of the ethics commissioner or their office. I’m appealing to the Honourable Member of Parliament because he is the Deputy Shadow Minister for Justice and Attorney General, so he should be Keeping an eye on what the Minister of Justice and Attorney General is doing. The ‘Shadow’ Minister of Justice and Attorney General’s job is to expose what the Justice Minister may be doing in dark Secrecy so that he can expose it and bring it to Light House von Dehn for Project-Sean and Protect-Sean of citizen Ships.

Here is the proof of receipt explaining why I am Writing Larry Brock rather than the MP of Ottawa (We already know Ottawa is compromised).

We’ll be Writing some One everyday, maybe We Will even get through all 337 Members of Parliament. The longer it takes for a Trustee to take Action, the greater the Breach of Trust and aggravated circumstances to be taken into consider a Sean for sentencing. Everyday this fraud continues, extends the jail time of each criminal involved. God is ultimate Justice, and God always wins in the end. I am patient, My Kingdom Comes.

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