As far as the Crown is concerned, today the Universe City Play House Theatre is Presenting the biggest Star in Our Product-Sean so far, Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, the ‘Right Honourable’ Arif Virani. As the Minister of Justice and manager of the Ontario Superior Court, Arif has been aware that at least one of the Ontario Superior Courts operating under his watch are not requiring service of documents on the responding parties to judicial proceedings in violation of both the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rule of Law, for at least as long as he was Cast to Play this Role on the World Stage (an Illuminating Glow Ball Product-Sean). As always, I Wish to thank all of You for being here, especially those visiting from other countries (UK, Australia, Germany, and recently Russia, too!), Your Presence is the most Valuable Gift in this Play House, thank You for Your attendance.

Obviously, denying the responding or defending party of their right to participate in the proceedings is the kind of stuff We are typically told takes place in only the fiercest of fascist dictatorships, and We are told they are countries like North Korea, China, maybe even ‘Communist’ Russia.

In Canada, this kind of thing has been taking place for at least four years under Trudeau’s treasonous dictatorship, and I was curious throughout the plandemic to know how so many unlawful Acts could be passed through parliament so easily when they so clearly violate Canada’s Constitution and International Law according to their own ratified international treaty agreements. But the answer is simple – the real reason for firing the Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould was because Jody was rightly complaining of Justin the Treasonous Trudeau’s interference with Canada’s Judiciary in the SNC Lavalin case, and the Minister of Justice and Attorney General’s constitutionally protected right to not be subject to unfair political pressure or influence from the Prime Minister in power. Such interference is an abuse of power. Trudeau didn’t like that, so he fired her and he’s compromised over half the house of Commons and roughly two thirds or seventy-five of Canada’s one hundred and five Senators were personally Hand picked by the Trudeau treason.

Not hard to get bills passed in a majority government when Canada’s Senate as well as the last Constitutional Gatekeeper, Mary the Simple Simon is also a member of the Trudeau Foundation – no conflict of interest there. The U.S. Constitution course calls this type of treasonous government a majority tyranny, where bills can be passed without checks/cheques and balances. It was the U.S. ’cause of Action’ for the necessity of the Union.

So Trudeau elects People like Arif the Vermin Virani as his Minister of Justice, as King of him to weaponize the Courts against Canada’s People to steal their property and turn a blind eye if any One is complaining about it. Kind of like the RCMP chose to do when they were supposed to be investigating Justin Trudeau for his first criminal Act of Judicial interference. Some People are thing King I’m exaggerating the extent of the corruption or criminal charges for the crimes and conspiracy perpetrated against Me. Well, here’s what a Crown defense attorney for over thirty years has to say on the Matter of Judicial interference.

We may invite Larry Brock to Play a Part in this Product-Sean because the manager of Ontario’s Superior Court and Minister of Justice doesn’t seem to think that interfering with Justice with malicious, criminal intent to cause as much emotional, psychological and economic harm to Canada’s People as they can get away with, is anything he needs to worry about or take any action in response to – and it appears no One else war King for the Court has any obligation to report the indictable, criminal offense, either? I’m hoping some One like Larry Brock might disagree.

If not, I suppose We Will Truly learn how much of every performance by State Actors is just Playing a Part to convince the People things are getting done. At the moment, I’m curious to know how many other People of Canada Presenting their Self to the Court have been taken advantage of by liars posing as lawyers, depriving Canada’s People of their right to participate in the judicial process. Bracebridge Courthouse clerks have been getting away with these crimes without so much as a write up for at least four years!!! It’s incredible, Truly!

Justice Jaye the Hopeless Hooper – Willfully abdicating her duties and obligate Sean’s to the public and the Court by attempting to ‘railroad’ and gaslight the Trustee of a private family Trust, in a Trust Claim that was filed for breach of Trust.

A superior court judge claiming there is no ‘legislation’ for Trusts in Canada, a Trust is not a legal entity? Fascist Nazi and jester posing as judge for the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

And We know this Character already, Jove the Pathetic Ponniah who is allegedly the associate Attorney General and supervisor for the Toronto Ontario Superior Court of Justice, not requiring clerks to serve their Claims on opposition, enabling, aiding and abetting interference of Justice as an officer of the Court, which also constitutes aggravated circumstances.

Every One of these State Actors representing the Crown for Canada’s Courts are aggravating the circumstances to be taken into consider a Sean for sentencing everyday they fail to take Action because their positions are so highly Trusted. The Courts are supposed to be where One can go to guarantee the protection of natural rights when State Actors are not doing their job! They are the last People We should expect to be breaching the public Trust, and with deliberate intent to take advantage!

That’s what makes this Universal Present a Sean so very Special and ‘Banana Republic’ like. They are literally using the Courts to launder property by taking advantage of the one institution Trusted to protect Canada’s People from harm and weaponizing against their People.

We’re still cautiously optimistic that there’s at least One individual war King for the Courts that is not conspiring against Canada’s People. If not, I’m hoping We can find at least One State Actor as determined to see Trudeau charged for his treasonous Acts against Canada’s People as I am. The Rule of Law says that all of Trudeau’s party members ‘associating’ with Arif Virani Will be considered conspirators as a ‘party’ to his crimes.

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