Hello every One and welcome to Act III of ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Cons Piracy’, We are back after a brief Inter-Mission to determine what Our next Act should be on the world Stage. We’ve decided that if State Actors posing as Judges Wish to Act more like Jesters making a mockery of Canada’s justice system and the Crown, We Will Give them the Main Stage so they can make a Spectacle of their Self.

Dis-Honourable Jester posing as Justice, Marc E. Smith is either the most incompetent clown comedian on Canada’s Court Stage posing as judge, or he’s an outright criminal and treasonous traitor to Canada’s People and the Crown’s repute a Sean, using his position as a Judge to weaponize the Courts against Canada’s People.

Yeah, meet ‘Agent Smith’ from Our Real Life Matrix. I’d love to challenge his Decision ‘Game of Thrones style’ – put the two of Us in a cage and let only One Man leave, let God determine who is right in the eyes of God.

But Marc E. Smith is a coward and a criminal like the Trudeau treason. He Will hide in his basement before ever attempting to explain him Self to Me or the public because he believes he is ‘above the law’ and beyond reproach. We’ll see.

A hopeless, narcissist Nazi, and part of Justin the Treasonous Trudeau’s gestapo’s takeover of Canada’s courts by the World Economic Forum. They didn’t just infiltrate the cabinets, they’ve infiltrated Canada’s Justice system, too.

But We are Giving both Marc the Senile Smith, and Jaye the Jester Hooper the benefit of the doubt. We’re calling Marc the Senile Smith because it’s the only reasonable explain a Sean I can provide for Marc’s incompetence unless he is Acting with malicious intent to cause harm, which is a criminal Act of treason (breach of Trust in Canada, they removed treason from Canada’s criminal code inferring that treason only relates to harm done directly to the Sovereign (Me, any other People of Canada, or the King, Charles III).

I believe he’s deliberately engaged in a criminal Act because that’s just what My gut instinct tells Me. But if his intent is not criminal, I’m going to Give him until the end of the week to enforce the default judgement and reverse his decision, or I Will be as King for him to be tried for treason for criminal breach of Trust with malicious intent to take advantage of his Trusted position of office and duties to the Court to cause harm to the People of Canada, when he is Trusted to inherit the jurisdiction required to provide remedy according to the Pro-Visions afforded to him by the Department of Justice and Attorney General, and the subject Matter before him. Subject Matter jurisdiction CANNOT be waived.

So here’s the latest letter to the Court.

It is just an add on to the previous email thread below, I’m just sharing today’s email separately for ease of reference.

We’ll be war King our Way up the chain of command everyday until We get a reply. Who knows, maybe Canada Will set some kind of new world record for the most corrupt, ‘kangaroo’ Courts of the Common Wealth! That’s a Title I could see Trudeau Truly earning!

See You for Scene II – any guesses what Jester might be Starring in Our Scene tomorrow?

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