Hello every One and welcome to the second Inter-Mission of ‘Tiffany, Tanja, Michael, and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’ before We continue with the third Act of this very Special, Universal Present a Sean.

I must confess that it has been difficult for Me to remove My own bias in Order to fully comprehend the depth of the scheme and plot against Me and My father because I genuinely never would have believed that My own brother would not only be an active participant, but the Principal conspirator of the Plot against Me and Our Father.

I mentioned that My brother and I were Good Friends for a very long time, despite the distance between Us in miles or years – I could tell My brother anything, and I believe he once Trusted Me just as much. I have no Idea what happened. He doesn’t need the money, I have several emails from Michael telling Me how angry he was with Tiffany, even suggesting that he believes their break up more than a year previous contributed to his ‘premature’ and untimely death – he was seventy-seven. I’m not concerned enough to research it now, but I’m pretty sure seventy-seven is probably a little above average, or somewhere around average so I’m not really sure it qualifies as untimely or premature, though that was the unspoken sentiment at the time of his death. I think most of Us were expecting him to reach at least eighty, maybe even a hundred!

But it appears now as though Tanja’s fake application was exclusively to distract Me and divert attention away from the primary conspirator. Michael was receiving Claims ‘in care of’ My father’s Estate to conspire with liars posing as lawyers and clerks of the Toronto Courthouse to receive Claims against My father, Tiffany, and My father’s Estate – without ever serving the Claims on any of the defendants!!! And Jove the Pathetic Ponniah has the audacity to be as King of Me what he’s liable to Me for?! Seriously?

But why? What’s the motive? Because the guilty party, Tiffany the Gold-digging Grifter Singh, was (allegedly) driving without a license, intoxicated, speeding, driving recklessly, and fled the scene of the accident!!!

If you are charged with Failing to Remain at the Scene of an Accident under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, you face the following penalties, if convicted: a $400 – $2000 fine. imprisonment up to 6 months. 7 demerit points on your driver’s licence.

Kruse Law

DISCLAIMER – I do Wish to point out that Kruse Law is NOT in any Way associated with this Product-Sean, just the first Google result that came up. Also note that I’m not the only One to (not-so) randomly capitalize Words of importance.

I strongly recommend visiting Mike’s website, vonDehnHomes.com. Michael has a very nice intro video telling You about how environmentally conscious he is, how he is proud of his strong family values – a Man that has just sold out his own father to help liars posing as lawyers cash in on a fraudulent insurance Claim, defaming his father’s business and reputation, all with malicious intent to trespass upon My Trust obligate Sean’s to My father, deprive Me of My rightful inheritance, and frame his own father for the criminal Acts of Tiffany the Gold-Digging Grifter Singh. He also Gave Tiffany My father’s ashes – I suppose as a thank You for providing him with the opportunity to destroy every last Good deed and Act of My late father’s repute a Sean.

He is also believed to have (allegedly) destroyed an unsigned Will that had been drawn up by a proper attorney, but was alleged to have left nothing for My brother or sister (or Me for that Matter – I knew of the Will and why My father hadn’t Signed it). He also kept My father’s last Hand Writ Will and testament from Me with malicious intent to interfere with Justice and trespass upon My Trust obligate Sean’s. Thankfully, he did NOT destroy it, so I still have it to Show a competent Court, and the letter confirms everything I had told My brother – which is why he kept if from Me until 2022 after Tanja had made her second, fraudulent Estate Application in violation of the Rules.

Because Tiffany was unlicensed, potentially intoxicated and fled the scene of the crime, she Will not be covered by insurance! One cannot be insured to engage in criminal conduct, it would be contrary to the purpose of insurance. It’s like thing King one would be entitled to fire coverage after they burn their own house down. If the insurance company knows the individual burned their own house down, the fire insurance is exempt because that’s not what they provide coverage for – the individual goes to jail instead and is charged accordingly.

I don’t even pretend to know how Canada’s insurance deals with a situation like this, I Imagine it Will be specific to each of the driver’s policy – but the insurance of the insured, injured parties Will cover costs of injuries if the cause was criminal negligence of the other party. At least I am thing King that’s how it Will work, then the insurance company goes after the Crown to recover from the uninsured, criminal driver.

There Will also be a public Trust account for each of the injured parties, and the state has a duty and obligation to ensure they receive their remedy one Way or another, so I Imagine the Crown goes after some One for the criminal conduct. At least now they have lots of People to consider, right!?

I Imagine all of this has to do with liars posing as lawyers wondering how they Will get paid when the guilty party is a gold-digging grifter, and this was the best scheme My brother could come up with. Why did the liars posing as lawyers wait to bring this claim until after My father died? Likely because he had no knowledge of it whatsoever and would never condone Tiffany’s conduct.

It astounds Me that My brother has such malicious intent to destroy My father’s reputation and his business, but Wishes to Call his business enterprise ‘VONDEHNHOMES’?! Was Mike not ‘operating’ as Trillium West and ‘VONDEHNHOMES’ the entire time he has been engaged in this fraud, Promising his clients that he’s an honest Man with strong family Values? What are those Values, exactly, Michael?

So as far as I’m concerned, if Michael is going to blame Tiffany’s criminal Acts on My father so he can make a claim against his business insurance, suggesting My father was Acting as the ‘owner and operator’ of said business at the time of the accident, then is Mike not Acting as ‘VONDEHNHOMES’ the entire time he’s been engaged in Real Estate, Insurance, and Court fraud? Does that not mean that VONDEHNHOMES is also guilty of Real Estate, Insurance, and Court fraud? I am thing King it does, and that it was Good of Me to be as King for a lien against his business.

As a Special Gift for this Inter-Mission, I have My latest email to the Court regarding this Matter as a Present a Sean today.

You’ll have to skip to the last Page of the thread for today’s contribute Sean but it is well worth the read, and includes Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi’s admit-Sean that he is also stealing from his employer as their principal, senior counsel. The thread also includes the Rule 37.13 Summary Motion Notices for Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata, including service on all parties to the Notices, and the Court, advising that there are roughly four more firms and as many or more liars posing as lawyers to add to the Claim, as well as additional charges for punitive damages and for psychological and emotional compensate-Sean for damages to the repute a Sean of both Me and My father.

So, as Promised, let’s see if We can end today’s Post with a Full Cast of Starring Characters!

Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Cons Piracy – STARRING:

Michael the Villainous von Dehn – baby brother and Principal Fraudster

Christopher Anti-Chist-man-Cox – baby brother’s big time lawyer, encouraging Michael to engage in criminal conduct, bear false witness, and knowingly lying to the Court. Every lawyer is conspiring in the fraud.

Tanja the Terrible Johnson – little sister, possibly Satan’s spawn, co-conspirator.

Noah the Preposterous Potechin of Merovitz Potechin LLP – Principal liar posing as lawyer violating his Oath to the Court and the People of Canada (public).

Hala the Unstable Tabl of Milton’s Estate Law – hired by Noah Potechin to solicit Tanja Johnson for a CAET application, so that Tanja has the legal right to make the executive decisions she’s already made.

Fleury Comery LLP – The Firm Greg the Grifting McConnell Calls home. Greg McConnell is likely the Principle conspirator as the lawyer for the uninsured, intoxicated, fled the scene of the crime, Tiffany the Gold-digging Grifter Singh.

Greg the Grifting McConnell of Fleury Comery LLP above, which has also mysteriously recently removed its website. I guess they don’t Wish for People to find them online – I wonder why?

Susan the Sadistic Sacks of Rosen Sack LLP – Owner and operator of Rosen Sack LLP, defending the criminal Acts of Hala Tabl for her fraudulent CAET application in the Civil Claim 22-89835.

Jenny the Belligerent Bogod of Rosen Sacks – Hala’s accomplice in the Estate Fraud Cons Piracy, co-conspiring with clerks of the Bracebridge Courthouse to help Hala Tabl cover her fraud.

Neil the Maggot Milton of Milton’s Estate Law – Hala Tabl’s boss, owner and operator of Milton’s Estate Law, and Tanja’s lawyer in the Civil Claim 22-89835, defending his partner’s fraud in the Estate application.

Kelly Santini LLP – Law Firm covering for Neil Milton for a motion hearing where Neil is hoping to defraud the Court and gaslight a Trust Instrument and the Trustee Act of Ontario on a Court of Record. (Aiding and abetting Milton’s Estate Law)

Joshua the Vile Vickery of Kelly Santini LLP – Presented Neil’s fraudulent Affidavit to Justice Marc E. Smith of the Ottawa Superior Court in place of Neil Milton who was concerned the gig was up and he might be getting arrested – a Scape Goat of Satan’s for hire, the Devil’s Advocate.

Jove the Pathetic Ponniah – Supervisor and Associate Attorney General for the Toronto Superior Court of Justice, not requiring lawyers of the Toronto Superior Court to provide service of documents on parties Entitled to participate in the proceedings, and in violation of the Rules of Civil Procedure (1.09), the Rule of Law.

Continues to withhold disclosure of facts related to the Claims, aids and abets the crimes of the liars posing as lawyers, and continues to allow countless other liars posing as lawyers to use the courts as a cloak for estate and insurance fraud by failing to apprehend the responsible clerks.

Fails to investigate complaints for the same criminal conduct in the Estate Application by the Bracebridge Courthouse. How many Certificates has Michelle Murphy handed out without letting any One else participate in the application? Is this the ‘go-to’ Court for estate fraud?

There is also Clueless Court clerk Derrick Bert, who was also unable to identify the fraud despite conceding that no documents have been updated on the Registry since April 24th, 2022.

Although I do not have mug shots for the State Actors war King against Me at the Bracebridge Courthouse, they are:

  • Carey Thompson – Court Supervisor, enabling the criminal conduct of Michelle Murphy and Kimberly Meredith, and countless other clerks war King under her watch.
  • Michelle Murphy – depriving Entitled parties of their right to participate by lying about the status of applications and taking it upon her Self to exclude entitled parties from the proceedings in violation of the Rules of Civil Procedure governing Estate Applications.
  • Kimberly Meredith – arranging private meetings with Judges in violation of the Rules of Civil Procedure governing Estate Applications for Hala the Unstable Tabl, Tanja the Terrible Johnson, and Michael the Villainous von Dehn.

We also have members of the Law Society who were responsible for investigating the fraud before the Civil Claim was commenced.

  • Carmine the Pitiful Pignataro – Responsible for investigate Sean of Hala the Unstable Tabl’s fraud, unable to determine that an Endorsement provided in 2020 cannot be binding on an Application dated 2022. I don’t believe People so Pitiful they don’t understand the space time continuum should be Trusted to investigate fraud. Gross, incomprehensibly gross, criminal malfeasance. Carmine has also been added as co-conspirator because now that Carmine knows beyond any shadow of doubt that he (I honestly have no Idea, Miko Dubiansky refers to Carmine as he, I had previously thought Carmine was a she) was incorrect and that these liars posing as lawyers are engaged in very serious fraud, Carmine somehow feels that he has no moral or ethical obligate Sean to put a stop to the harm being done by the criminal conduct perpetrated by members of his society. I strongly disagree on this point. To be aware of a criminal Act and take no Action is to commit a criminal Act of negligence.
  • Miko the Dubious Dubiansky – Carmine’s boss, also complicit because Dubious Dubiansky doesn’t feel he has any obligation to put a crime to a stop, and instead is as King Me to stop sending ‘threatening’ emails to Carmine when I placed Carmine on Notice for criminal malfeasance and negligence causing harm. Carmine was incorrect, and the mistake has caused a considerable amount of additional harm, as has Carmine’s supervisor, Miko Dubiansky for condoning this conduct by taking no Action as a representative of the Law Society of Canada.

And finally, We get into the most recent Stars Showing up in Our Product Sean

Well, this Inter-Mission just Keeps getting more and more interesting. Parimal the Predator Gosai has recently been added to the Ghosts of Gosai’s ‘about us’ page as the firm’s manager! Well, isn’t that an interesting strategic play! Nital can’t be the owner operator because she’s going down for insurance fraud, now her husband is taking over to support the fraud and preserve the repute a Sean of the company, while simultaneously colluding and conspiring with and Acting as agent for Fraudsters of Forest Hill Brokerage and Realtors. One more business to lien for payment.

Parimal the Predator Gosai – Manager of Ghosts of Gosai and owner of multiple businesses focused on ‘the forefront of assisting marginalized communities and businesses that are at the forefront of shifting a culture or creating new paradigms.’

Shifting to a culture of fraud and exploitation of dead People? Is that Parimal the Predator of Gosai’s new venture? Sounds nice, not so Great ‘in practice’.

Now You know why liars posing as lawyers are not allowed to participate in the Rule of Law, they can only ever be ‘at Law’, ‘before the Law’, and only to ‘practice’ Law – though in a liars case, practice Will never make perfect.

They don’t understand the first thing about the Rule of Law, only legal fictions – codes, statutes and acts, and they manipulate those codes, statutes and acts to take advantage of People when they were in fact legislated to protect the Rule of Law, and can Lawfully be ignored if they fail to do so.

Nital the Ghost Gosai of Gosai Law – Principal fraudster serving Claims on dead People and fake addresses to obtain default judgments in fraud to cash in on claims against an unrepresented Estate to finally cash in on insurance fraud. Also allows the criminal responsible for the harm to walk!!! A Real class Act, this One!!!

Nancy the Barker Barkhordari of Ghosts of Gosai Law – Nital the Ghost Gosai’s bodyguard. Her bark is far worse than her bite, but We are sure she sounds like a purebred bitch of some pretentious pedigree.

Naimark Law Firm – Serving documents on dead People and fraudulent addresses to obtain default judgments in fraud to cash in on insurance policies.

Jamie the Malevolent Min of Naimark Law – serving Claims on dead People and fraudulent addresses to obtain default judgments in fraud to cash in on insurance policies.

Alex the Negligent Nikolaev of Naimark Law – serving Claims on dead People and fraudulent addresses to obtain default judgments in fraud to cash in on insurance policies.

Kawaguchi Krajden Law Firm – serving Claims on dead People and fraudulent addresses to obtain default judgments in fraud to cash in on insurance policies.

Ari the Criminal Krajden of Kawaguchi Krajden – presumably a partner of the firm serving Claims on dead People and fraudulent addresses to obtain default judgments in fraud to cash in on insurance policies.

Azimi Law – Law Firm serving Claims on dead People and fraudulent addresses to obtain default judgments in fraud to cash in on insurance policies.

Ben the Atrocious Azimi of Azimi Law – Owner and operator of Azimi Law serving Claims on dead People and fraudulent addresses to obtain default judgments in fraud to cash in on insurance policies.

Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi of Intact Insurance – Senior legal counsel for Intact Insurance, stealing from his employer by engaging in fraud to Honour fraudulent Insurance Claims rather than investigate the authenticity of the Claim.

That’s an unlucky (for them) thirteen liars posing as lawyers and nine law firms or corporations (Intact Insurance), two agent investigators of the Law Society of Ontario, two Court supervisors, and four court clerks. That’s $22 million for the firms and their liars posing as lawyers in violation of their Oath to the public and the Rule of Law. Jove the Pathetic Ponniah is liable for $3 million a day, and the Insurance shyster is liable to Me for $5 million, Greg McConnell another $3 million for stealing My father’s ashes. So not including the Value of the original Claim, We’re looking at a Claim of over $70 million!

I’m also dead serious about using the wealth to set up a Trust fund for victims of uninsured, reckless, criminal vehicle operators so that law firms don’t get any more Creative Estate fraud insurance ideas in the future just to ensure they get paid in lieu of holding the guilty party accountable because they’re not wealthy enough to bother…

Wow! Quite an update! I missed a couple, including Christopher Anti-Christ-man-Cox and Greg McConnell, plus a couple more law firms. Of Special Importance, please take Note that the website for Fleury Comery LLP has disappeared without a trace!!! They appear to still be in business, but their online presence is gone, only listings for email contact and the physical building on directories. Yeah, that’s not suspicious. I wonder if Neil is still out of the country?

The NEW (and I believe this is now correct) full Cast of Characters conspiring against Me that I am Magically Casting into this Product-Sean are:

  1. Hala the Untable Tabl
  2. Neil the Maggot Milton
  3. Noah the Preposterous Potechin
  4. Greg the Grifting McConnell
  5. Christopher the Anti-Christ-man-Cox
  6. Susan the Sadistic Sacks
  7. Jenny the Belligerent Bogod
  8. Joshua the Vile Vickery
  9. Parimal the Predator Gosai
  10. Nital the Ghost of Gosai
  11. Nancy the Barker Barkhordari
  12. Jamie the Malevolent Min
  13. Alex the Negligent Nikolaev
  14. Ari the Criminal Krajden
  15. Ben the Atrocious Azimi
  16. Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi

The Talent Agencies they Re-Present

  1. Milton’s Estate Law
  2. Merovitz Potechin LLP
  3. Fleury Comery LLP
  4. Miller Thomson
  5. Rosen Sack LLP
  6. Kelly Santini Liars and Devil’s Advocates
  7. Gosai Law
  8. Naimark Law
  9. Kawaguchi Krajden LLP
  10. Azimi Law
  11. Intact Insurance
  12. Forest Hill Brokerage and Realtors

That’s twenty-six million, ant that’s just in fines, not what I’m as King for. That Will be used to set up a Trust Fund for People who are injured by uninsured drivers so that liars posing as lawyers are not tempted to engage in fraud to cash in on insurance policies rather than hold the guilty party accountable because it’s ‘not economically viable’. We can always provide financial incentives to do the right thing.

Fines in Canada are paid to the Minister of Finance, which is Chrystia the Fascist Freeland (ironically enough, but six is nine, remember), so I Will set up the Trust so that all Claims must be approved by Me to ensure it’s not used for exactly the same purpose (against dead People, unrepresented Estates, or People who don’t exist at all) or subject to some other kind of fraud or corruption.

Ghosts of Gosai Law added a new manager to their ‘about us’ page, so Parimal the Predator Gosai and Forest Hill Brokerage and Realtors have been added (because Parimal is acting as agent as both, endorsing the fraudsters of a company he manages). That makes it $28 million in liars posing as lawyers and their respective firms.

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