Hello every One and welcome to a brief Inter-Mission while We take some time to consider the Present a Sean so far. The end of Act II painted a vivid portrait for Our last Scene, allowing some of Our main Characters to Present the motive inspiring their Role in this Universal Pictures Special Present a Sean of ‘Tiffany, Tanja, Michael, and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’.

From the best I can piece this Mysterious puzzle together so far, the motive and Inspire a Sean behind the Magnificent Estate Fraud cons Piracy, appears to be Insurance fraud. Of course, insurance fraud is probably one of the most common types of fraud, especially bicycle theft, so I shouldn’t really be surprised.

As much as Nital the Ghost of Gosai Law Wishes to profess that she and her firm Will be war King tirelessly in their pursuit of Justice for their clients, there IS a catch they won’t be tall King about. Apparently, if the individual causing harm is uninsured and financially destitute, not only is it very unlikely that the injured parties Will receive the $3 million they are as King for, the Real problem is Gosai Law getting paid. If Tiffany Singh is uninsured and unable to pay the damages, how in the world are they going to pay their lawyer? And if the clients are paying their lawyers out of pocket, what is the likelihood that these lawyers Will ever be repaid? Even if they win costs, Tiffany Will never be able to pay, the best they can do is garnish how much she’s allowed to stuff in her G-string after one of her exotic dance routines! What are they going to do, start watching Tiffany strip so they can make sure they get paid. Trust Me, the lawyers I know are low enough to do exactly that – though they’d probably hire a hit Man to do the job and threaten to break bones if she doesn’t pay.

That’s legitimately how gangster these People are. Instead (because going after Tiffany is like trying to take blood from a stone), they proceed against My father and Tiffany, denying both parties their right to participate in the proceedings so they can get default judgement awarded against fraudulent addresses of parties that were never served, then take the ‘no contest’ default judgement awarded against Tiffany, redraft the Claim to blame My father for everything Tiffany did as an employee and representative of his company. And again, not figuratively holding My father commercially liable for the harm Tiffany caused, but actually claiming that My father IS Tiffany, was the driver and owner of the vehicle, unlicensed and intoxicated, who fled the scene of the accident – an accident My father likely had no knowledge of whatsoever!!! All so they can cash in on My father’s insurance because Tiffany isn’t insured, and the lawyers Will likely never get paid if they hold the guilty party accountable.

So Gosai Law is going to let Tiffany off the hook so she can continue to cause harm to People by violating the Rule of Law, driving without a license, intoxicated, then flee the scene of her crime without consequence – all part of their tireless pursuit of Justice for the clients of the Ghosts of Gosai Law. I guess I should Give Gosai some credit, I suppose they are Willing to engage in indictable criminal offenses and violate the Rule of Law to get a settlement for their clients, which is what I suppose they are as King for – professional shysters who help criminals get away with crimes.

This woman should be in jail if any of this is True! This is in fact why I have a very hard time believing a Word of it is True, or I believe Tiffany would be in jail. I believe the entire thing is insurance fraud, and that all the ‘injured parties’ are in fact friends of Tiffany’s. It Will be very interesting to see the police report because if there isn’t one and all of these lawyers know what Tiffany was alleged to have done and didn’t even bother to report her crimes to the police… All these clowns Will have a lot of explaining to do.

But before We decide how I Will proceed and what My next Act Will be, I Wish to update the International Play House with the latest Programs and Casting Call for the next Act of this Product-Sean.

First, there could be no more liable a party and co-conspirator than the Supervisor of the Toronto Superior Court it Self, Jove the Pathetic Ponniah who is allowing clerks to receive claims at his Courthouse without requiring service of documents on the parties to the Claim! How easy is it to win a lawsuit when the other party doesn’t even know there is a Claim?! Pretty easy to obtain default, right? That’s exactly what they are doing, then taking the default judgement they get Signed by some court clerk with a high school diploma (if We’re lucky) and zero competence in the Rule of Law, who then place the Court Seal on it and no layman (or insurance company) is going to Quest-Ion the Seal of the Court, right? So they can Give these things out like candy – and that’s how lawyers screw over Self Presented litigants or even unsuspecting Good (dead) People. I can’t help but Imagine that lawyers do this ALL THE TIME judging by how seriously Jove the Pathetic Ponniah takes clerks of his Court violating their oath and engaging in criminal trespass upon the People’s right to be informed of all Matters concerning their interests. Jove the Pathetic Ponniah is modeling Canada’s Courts after wonderful countries like North Korea.

I bet the Toronto Courthouse is the most corrupt Courthouse in Canada if it is this easy to violate the most basic Rules necessary for filing a Claim. A Court is not even supposed to process the Claim onto the Record without an Affidavit of Service, which may very well be why the Court of Record has not been updated related to any of these Claims or Applications. A total of four fraudulent Claims or Applications were made to the Court by My siblings and their criminal cabal of liars posing as lawyers.

It’s very hard for Me to comprehend how this benefits INTACT INSURANCE – they are the ones who are being targeted to pay out a bogus Claim, so it seems to Me that Rohit Sethi and I should be on the same side! Except he appears to be receiving documents for My father’s Estate in place of Michael von Dehn! When did that happen? How did Intact Insurance even learn about the Claim? They were not mentioned in any of the original Claims, so what happened to allow them to receive documents for My father? Why is a lawyer who represents an insurance company speaking for My father? These are all Good Quest-Ions, so I am as King Rohit Sethi to see if he has any reasonable explain a Sean.

Doesn’t he look so… Classic in black and white? Stoic is the look I am thing King he was going for. Looks very gangster to Me. I have a feeling that as the senior legal counsel for Intact Insurance, this Man has a Good grift going. He makes sure their lawyers get paid, the insurance company makes sure he gets paid, and who Will ever think to investigate the senior legal counsel for fraud? This is the guy the insurance company Will be trusting to prevent and shoot down fraudulent claims!!! So if the senior legal counsel is SO corrupt he’s war King against his own employer… Well who’s going to police the senior legal counsel? No One!!!

The insurance company is trusting this guy to make sure the Claim is legit, and he now has first hand knowledge that the entire thing is bogus. So We’ll see if he’s complicit or not. No response yet today, but who knows, it’s ‘Family Day’ in Canada, a statutory Holy Day, so maybe We Will hear something tomorrow.

This Post turned out to be longer than anticipated, so please stay tuned for a second inter-Mission break for a full list of Cast and Crew. I am thing King I have a full tally of lawyers and law firms involved in the cons piracy, as well as agents of the Law Society of Canada, corrupt Superior Court Judges, and I am thing King it Will make for an all Star Cast and a very dramatic climax for Our Present a Sean!

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