Hello every One and welcome to the Main Stage of the Universe City Play House Theatre and the Fifth Scene of Act II in ‘Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’, thank King or Queen Your Royal Highness for being here, Your Presence is a Gift in My House.

I figured We need One more Scene for Act II because We only recently acquired the name of the insurance company, and although I had somewhat anticipated that the fraud would have something to do with insurance companies, I was thing King more in terms of regular, everyday car insurance with People pointing fingers of blame for liability. Isn’t the whole reason Ontario came up with ‘no fault insurance’ because they presume every One is going to dispute fault which doesn’t change or alter the value of the Claim it Self, or the damages that Will need to be paid out, only lie-ability (who is accountable for the damages)?

What I hadn’t considered at all, was that My father was also the owner of his own business, ‘Muskoka Home Care’ and Tiffany Singh was an employee of that company once upon a time, and was driving a car belonging to My father’s business at the time of the accident. I also own a Nissan of some kind, apparently, though I’m not sure what kind of state it Will be in at this point in time, but it was in Good enough repair after the accident for Tiffany Singh to flee the scene of the crime, so I guess it still runs!

Yeah… The point is, all the inform a Sean is pretty much irrelevant because none of it appears to have been served upon Tiffany Singh or My father, and I’m not entirely sure why. Allegedly, in addition to being unlicensed at the time of the accident, Tiffany was also impaired!

Tiffany would not be covered under the insurance because insurance companies don’t typically insure unlicensed drivers – the insurance policy would never allow Tiffany to drive a company vehicle without a license, it would be a breach of the policy.

So instead, they are holding My father liable, suggesting My father permit Tiffany to drive his company vehicle without a license, impaired, it that she was conducting business for My father’s company at the time of the accident, when she was in fact using one of My father’s company vehicles for personal use and in breach of My father’s Trust. I won’t go as far as to say it was ‘stolen’ because My father probably just Gave it to her after they broke up, but he would have been Trusting Tiffany to obey the same traffic laws every One else is bound by, and My own brother confirms they broke up more than a year before My father’s death – so unless My father received some Notice of this Claim while he was living, he didn’t even know about it!

They are serving the claim on My father’s address even though Tiffany Singh has never lived there, and (I presume) pleading to the Court that Tiffany is the Common Law wife of My father, Presenting the ‘holograph Will’ of Tiffany Singh presented by Greg the Maggot McConnel in My Civil Claim, and therefor liable as ‘next of kin’ according to the Succession Law Reform Act.

Of course, because there is no One to respond to this Claim, they obtain default judgement privately. Then they begin drafting new Claims against the Estate of Joachim von Dehn, holding his business accountable for all the damages so they can cash in on the insurance policy for ‘Muskoka Home Care’, Calling My dear, beloved father in Heaven, a ‘negligent business owner’.

The reason they are doing this is because Tiffany Will not be entitled to the insurance protection because she fled the scene, was negligent, driving without a license and possibly intoxicated – she should be criminally charged!!! And because Tiffany is not licensed, she’s not going to be insured at all. Translation – clients can’t get their money because Tiffany is a stripper (though I am thing King ‘exotic dancer’ is politically correct and how the gold digging Grifter Wishes for One to Call her) and doesn’t have three million dollars to pay out in damages, but the injured parties are still entitled to damages.

Some One’s insurance Will have to pay, may as well blame everything on the dead Man who can’t defend him Self, right? First take his home after calling him a default debtor when it was in fact My brother who defaulted on My father’s mortgage, not My father (he was already dead), then completely defame My father’s only remaining business and entrepreneurial enterprise by suggesting he was an unlicensed, intoxicated driver who caused harm to four individuals before he fled the scene – no mention of Tiffany Singh whatsoever!

Am I the only One who has a hard time believing any Man would do this to his own father and only brother? I do expect this shit from My sister, Tanja the Terrible Johnson , but I would never have expected such moral bankruptcy from My brother – We were almost as Good as best Friends once.

We did reach out to Alex the Nasty Nikolaev today to see what he has to say as the ‘Master’ Mind behind the Magnificent Estate insurance fraud cons Piracy.

Remember, if You are looking for professional criminals, look no further than Naimark Law.

We also reached out to Bahman the Atrocious Azimi, of Azimi Law firm. Although I have yet to take a full tally, so far We are looking at roughly ten to twelve law firms conspiring against Yours Truly, and over twenty lawyers and other Law ‘professionals’. Professionals in parenthesis because every lawyer I’ve met has been more corrupt than the worst criminals I know – True Story! They’re just criminals in suits – professional shysters! They once called it ‘Devilling’ for a reason!

“Thank You for contacting us! We Will get back to You shortly.”

If they do, they Will be one of the first.

And of course, We Wish to see if Nital the Ghost of Gosai Law has anything to say about serving her documents on a dead Man, and why she conveniently decided to discontinue her Claim on the same day she would otherwise have had default judgement awarded in favour of her clients. Also conveniently the same day My sister’s application for a CAET was denied at the Bracebridge Courthouse for failing to obtain consent from the Entitled parties to the Application.

Do We believe that: A.) Nital the Ghost Gosai’s clients disappeared the same Way Nital does, or B.) is it more likely that she obtained default judgement against a dead Man, then refiled her Claim privately against the Estate so that she can Present her default judgement obtained in fraud to Claim the damages for her clients?

I am thing King option ‘B’ is the True motive for the fraud. They care SO much about their relentless pursuit of justice, they don’t even bother to find Tiffany Singh to hold her accountable because it’s just so much easier, efficient, compassionate, and ethical to proceed against a dead Man, to do anything else might tarnish their outstanding integrity and Repute a Sean.

And finally, the absolute last Scene for this Act before a brief Intermit-Sean.

Alex the Nasty Nikolaev’s second Claim does let Us know with absolute convict-Sean that the Intent is to blame My late father for everything, motivated by their belief that I Will have no Idea that every Act is an indictable offence according to Canada’s Criminal Code. So I send a copy of Alex the Nasty Nikolaev’s first and third Claim so that the insurance company can see how they are obtaining default judgements in fraud to cash in on insurance claims knowing My father is dead, and without competent legal or lawful counsel.

Generally, the other injured party Will care as much as I do. Who knows, maybe the insurance company is in on the fraud, too – I guess time Will tell. If the insurance company is NOT in on the fraud… That last email makes a very Good last Scene for this Act. and should do the trick.

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