Hello every One and welcome to a very Dramatic final Scene for the Second Act of ‘Tiffany, Tanja, Michael, and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’ on the Main Stage of Our Universe City Play House Theatre, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My Play House.

It is also worth Noting for this Universal (One Song) Product-Sean that My Words do tend to Magically Manifest, so We shouldn’t really be surprised that the Estate Fraud Conspiracy has turned out to be every bit as Magnificent as the Title of the Show would suggest, it has been so much more than One could I-Mage in!

I am still de-Coding a lot of the inform a Sean We received yesterday, but what I have de-Cyphered so far Demon-straights (demonstrates) the insurance Con’s Piracy is even more morally and ethically bankrupt than Our previous pre-Suppose-Sean’s!!!

In fact, I can tell You the Director of this Present a Sean is Presently in shock, and sharing with You what I know now to be True, and the potential motive for the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy in the first place. This Will set the Stage and determine the Direct-Sean necessary for My next Act. The entire charade appears to be some kind of insurance scam!

Let Me introduce Alex ‘the Nasty’ Nikolaev, as he filed the earliest dated Claim I am aware of at Present, CV-20-00634519-0000.

Does Alex the Nasty Nikolaev look gangster enough for his Part in this Product-Sean? Did any One read the Claims that were filed against My late father and Presented in the last Scene? I’m curious to know how fast every One else is putting the pieces of this Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy together.

Friends in My Microcosm seem to be thing King I’m some kind of genius for putting these Puzzle Pieces together, but I am thing King any One who reads the Claims with any scrutiny Will very quickly Dis-Cover (reveal, Apocalypse) there are some very serious discrepancies and convenient coincidences linking these Claims together.

For the Common Man, I should point out that the CV number is the Official Court File number on the Registry and represents the True Chronological Order of the filings. The first two numbers following ‘CV’ are the last two digits of the year the Action or Application was filed with the Court, the rest represent a code to identify the Court of filing, and finally the chronological order of filing for that year. Because all of these Claims were filed at Toronto, We know the numerological order of filing is the chronological Order of filing which helps Us to Piece this Puzzle together.

Alex the Nasty Nikolaev files a Claim against My dead father and Tiffany Singh, serving the Claim on the address of the deceased, fraudulently Claiming Tiffany Singh lives there, too, on January 10th, 2020. Without getting any of the details of the Claim it Self yet, the Claim Shows a filing date with the Court of January 10th, 2020, but every Page of the Documents Shows an Electronic Date of filing on September 26th, 2022!? It’s not even close! And in both instances, these Claims are served upon My father’s person, not My father’s Estate! Keep in Mind My father died on October 29th, 2019!

The second Claim, CV-20-00638907-0000 is all the Handiwork of Nital the Ghost Gosai, who did not Wish to share with Me what it was that My dear, beloved father in Heaven was alleged to have done, and it’s really no Wonder why Nital the Ghost of Gosai pulled a dis-appearing-Act.

Nital the Ghost Gosai’s Claim Shows it was filed with the Court on March 30th, 2019! That does immediately pique My interest because My father is alive at this time and maybe he is liable for something. How did My father respond to this Claim? I scan to find out when exactly this accident took place. Alex the Nasty Nikolaev Claims the accident took place on April 19th, 2018, and March 30 is almost a year later. But Nital the Ghost Gosai Claims the accident took place on April 19th, 2019! Turns out she’s not late at all, she’s in fact psychic! She knew exactly what was going to happen nineteen days ahead of time, according to her own statement of Claim!

Like I said, People, I couldn’t make this stuff up! Just to make the filing by the Ghosts of Gosai Law even more suspect, the Electronic Date of Filing Shows March 30, 2020. So if Alex the Nasty Nikolaev’s date of the accident is correct, Nital the Ghost Gosai waits almost two years to bring her Claim so she can serve it on a dead Man? On the other Hand, if Nital the Ghost Gosai’s date of the accident is correct, then the date of the Claim it Self is a fraud because the accident hadn’t happened yet. We’ll presume the date on the Claim is just a typo and that it should read March 30, 2020 which is in sync with the Electronic Filing date.

The point is, My father is dead and no One has been Trusted to defend his Honour, these documents are being served on a dead Man and a fraudulent address for Tiffany Singh in all three Claims!

Now enter Michael ‘the Villainous’ von Dehn, the greatest betrayal of all. This is the one Part I Will never understand because although it is True I would protest My sister’s appointment for countless reasons, primarily her hatred and resentment for My father and Me, I said I would Trust My brother, Michael and support his application if he did not Wish to support mine. He told Me he had no Idea what was going on with the Estate, Tanja is taking care of everything (which means I’ll know nothing). He’s legally on the Record for service of documents on My father, though he has not been appointed by the Court to receive legal documents and or respond to them on behalf of My father.

Worse still? The third Claim, also filed by Alex the Nasty Nikolaev, CV-20-00639418-0000 is dated April 14th, 2020. The Claim is served upon the Estate of Joachim Heinrich von Dehn, and ‘in care of’ Michael the Villainous von Dehn. Even more sinister and morally bankrupt? It would appear as though My dear brother has consented to allowing My late father to accept full accountability for everything Tiffany Singh has done to harm My father’s repute a Sean and Estate property!

It’s virtually a copy of the first Claim against My dead father and Tiffany Singh filed on January 10th, 2020, except this time Tiffany Singh is completely removed from the Claim and My father is responsible for everything. I don’t even mean figuratively speaking, I mean they literally tell the Story like My father was driving the car, caused injury to the parties, and fled the scene!!! My brother allows the accuse a Sean’s to be made about My Good, dead father?!

He has no Idea how furious God is with him right now. The entire plan is to bill it all to the Insurance company because of course My father isn’t alive to defend his Honour and My brother sure as shit has no Intent-Sean of allowing Me to set the Story straight. Default judgment against a dead Man to cash in on an insurance Claim, and also to keep the spoils from the unlawful power of sale to their Self because I’m sure Tiffany Singh was happy with this deal.

Lots more pieces to put together, but what We do know for sure is that the Claim filed by Ghosts of Gosai conveniently defaults on the same day the other Claim against My dead father is filed against the Estate with Michael ‘caring for’ all documents to make sure I don’t find out about anything.

My guess is there are still some fraudulent filings We don’t know about yet, but I have a lot more inform a Sean to review before I put all the pieces together. I Will update when I know what the next Act Will be.

For now, My presumpt-Sean is that they have obtained default judgements that are ‘not open to the public’ but exclusively for cashing in on the insurance Claim. If You have any thoughts or suggest-Sean’s, do let Me know.

Remember, the last of these Claims are mysteriously and Magically discontinued on Jan. 4th, the same day I am as King for a copy of them? No, they’ve already proceeded on default judgement obtained on a dead Man to cash in on My father’s business insurance policy. Allegedly allowing Tiffany Singh to just walk away after a hit and run involving at least four injured parties.

With family like this, who needs enemies, right?

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