Hello every One, and welcome to the third Scene of Act II in ‘Tiffany, Tanja, Michael, and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’, thank King or Queen You for Your Presence. Today We once again have Jove Ponniah, Supervisor for the Toronto Superior Court of Justice Starring in the Scene.

Today’s Scene is a beautiful continuate Sean of Our last Scene where We learned that Jamie the Malevolent Min doesn’t appear to have served her Claim upon any actual People – at least none that are Living, and using a fake address for the only One who is, Tiffany Singh.

There are SO many People conspiring together in this fraud that I can’t really criticize them too much for continually exposing more and more fraud, providing more and more ’causes of action’ with every new detail We discover! Like CV – 2000-63941-8000, another Claim I knew nothing about!

A search result for this one in the Ontario Portal Court Case Search didn’t initially come up for Me under ‘VONDEHN’ or ‘VON DEHN’, so I had no Idea this Claim against the Estate even existed until Jamie the Malevolent Min ambushed Me with the inform a Sean!

Of course, with a legitimate CV number, it is very easy to find the claim.

It’s funny, I swear Christopher Anti-Christ-man-Cox said that Michael had no duty of care for the Estate of My father whatsoever, he is just an innocent bystander and Beneficiary of the Estate? That isn’t what the Court of Record says, is it? The Court of Record says the Estate is in the care of My dear Brother specifically. My Goodness – all these lies!!! What would My father say?!

I haven’t reached out to Alex Nikolaev yet, though I’m sure he’s looking forward to hearing from Me. Both Claims were conveniently discontinued for no apparent reason on the very same day I Gave the Toronto Courthouse Notice of Appearance for My father. What a coincidence!

This is potentially what One calls spoliation of evidence. All these powerful law firms and liars posing as lawyers are caught with their proverbial pants down, their suit is about as solid as the Emperor’s New Clothes were in concealing his stupidity and incompetence. The hope is that by discontinuing the Claims, the evidence of the fraud Will also disappear (spoliation of evidence). One of the three Claims was discontinued on the same day My sister’s Application for a CAET was denied, but that’s still Showing on the Record, and that was discontinued on April 20, 2020.

Every new discovery of facts Presents more Quest-Ions for Me to be as King, especially of Jove ‘the Pathetic’ Ponniah, as he has been appropriately Called for the Way he is choosing to Present his Character to this Universe City Play House Theatre. The inform a Sean allowed Me to Discover that there are in fact (at least) three Claims that I had no knowledge of that were filed with the Toronto Courthouse under Jove the Pathetic Ponniah’s watch because he is not requiring service of documents on Entitled parties to a proceeding!

Jove was trying to tell Me that he’s not liable to Me for anything because he’s Given Me everything I am as King for?! He provided Me with the Title Page for one of two Claims I was as King about without providing the actual Claim, dodges My emails or provides excuses for another two weeks or so, then sends Me a Statement of Defense instead of the other Claim I was as King for without sending Me the Claim it Self? I have no Idea what the Statement of Defense is in response to!

Why send Me a Statement of Defense when I’m as King for the original Statement of Claim filed with the Court? And why do I not have a copy of every document filed with their Court in relation to My father’s Estate? It’s positively ridiculous for a Superior Court Supervisor to not know that this is unacceptable and criminal trespass upon the People access to Justice.

So I clearly articulate why Jove the Pathetic Ponniah is the Principal Party as far as I’m concerned, because I wouldn’t have Jove the Pathetic Ponniah’s email address in the first place if he had not been specifically Ordered to respond to Me. At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to Arif Virani or Jove the Pathetic Ponniah, and Jove’s liability Will be relative to how quickly he cooperates with Me. If he doesn’t provide Me with what I am legally and lawfully Entitled to, Arif Virani can be liable for his incompetence.

We just learned that he’s been keeping a lot more from Me than I knew about, and neglected to tell Me that all the Claims I was so concerned about were discontinued on the very day I was as King about them? Doesn’t bother to tell Me that when he responds to My requests for the Claim and I’m not supposed to find all this highly suspect?

So today the Casting Direct-Sean was to tell Jove the Pathetic Ponniah that the amount he’s liable to Me for is going to continue to increase until I get what I am as King for. Obviously money isn’t an Issue, so it’s three million a day I’m as King for until I receive full disclosure for all three Claims and anything else that was every filed but ‘not filed’ (not showing on the Registry, not served on any parties) with his Court. This Will be completely separate from My Claim against all these liars posing as lawyers and their firms. $1 million for each lawyer involved, and another $1 million for each firm, plus jointly and severally liable for the full Value of the Civil Claim 22-89835.

The entire updated thread is Posted above but I strongly recommend reading Jove ‘the Pathetic’ Ponniah’s reply to Me.

“But in the interest of putting an end to Your search…”, Jove decides that he CAN finally provide Me with what I was as King for on January 4th – or at least part of what I am as King for.




Two against My father, the (dead) Man’s person, one against My (Living) father’s Estate (or the person’s Estate if One prefers). The Claim against the Estate can’t legally or lawfully be filed with the Court until an Estate Trustee During Litigation is appointed which requires a hearing where all parties with an interest in the outcome have opportunity to participate.

Rather than having some One appointed, Michael von Dehn is accepting ‘in care of’ the Estate so that they can proceed without any hearing for an application. They are doing the same thing by serving against My father at an address that is no longer valid – Michael or Tanja Will be receiving but can’t officially be added as the lawyer of Record because they are doing so unlawfully and without judicial oversight. This is why they are refusing to provide service of documents on the parties to the Claim because it Will expose the fraud completely. Somehow they believe that not providing it Will preserve their presumption of innocence or something. Unfortunately, service of these Claims on all parties with an interest in the outcome is absolutely required by the Rules of Civil Procedure, so if Jove the Pathetic Ponniah doesn’t have service of documents on the parties to the Claim, his Court is at the very least guilty of criminal malfeasance causing harm. But considering how determined Jove is to Keep this inform a Sean from Me, I can’t help but believe he has been complicit the entire time, and I’m not shy about telling him.

I really haven’t even reviewed the Claims their Self enough to speak to their content today, I Will be reviewing them over the next couple of days and deciding who to email next. One of the other pieces of the puzzle I was anxious to receive was the name of the insurance company, INTACT INSURANCE, which Will definitely be paying out some serious lie-ability for their lawyer’s determine a Sean to trespass upon My Trust obligate Sean’s. No Idea how much I should be as King of the insurance company for the harm they’ve done to My father’s repute a Sean, that’s something I Will have to be thing King seriously about.

But there was absolutely no mention of any of this in any testimony made by My siblings to Justice Hooper or Smith in the Civil hearing, and all of this is what’s called ‘discovery of facts’ that Will substantially change the decision because omission of facts is a form of fraud. It’s now plain and obvious that My siblings have been lying to Me for a very long time, and God only knows why or what they are up to. All this new inform a Sean is more than substantial grounds for appeal if they DO enforce Justice Smith’s decision founded in fraud, so I am all that more optimistic that Justice Will prevail and that the guilty parties Will soon be charged.

I followed up with the Trial Coordinator, Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery because I’d really like to remove the Ontario Superior Court Judges from the Hall of Shame, and if they enforce the Default Judgement against My siblings, I am Willing to for Give any Judges and allow them to blame opposing counsel’s so ever convincing fraudulent testimony (being incredibly facetious). I really don’t hold grudges, but People need to take accountability for their Act-Ions.

It’s really just additional evidence to support My protest of acceptance of the Judge’s decision for fraud, and I am Entitled to anything a Judge has awarded to Me, so I should at the very least receive the transcript I was Promised very soon or Ottawa is guilty of Breach of Contract and Breach of Trust.

Lucky Wednesday tomorrow, We may have an exciting evening Show, so stay tuned!

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