Welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean at the Universe City Play House Theatre. These Characters are Truly something out of Real Life Fantasy fiction. Doesn’t this lady look so Trust-worthy and professional? No Way a lady like this would serve documents on a dead Man and try to suggest it’s all ‘the Rules‘ require in the Way of service of documents in a constitutional democratic Monarchy, right? Wrong.

Jamie ‘the Malevolent’ Min

I don’t know, maybe in Communist China or North Korea it’s perfectly acceptable to proceed against a dead Man, but in Canada, every One has a right to be informed and to participate in all Matters concerning One’s interests.

It was a very busy day today, and We Will have a lot more Characters to introduce over the coming week, easily some One new to Present every day. I sat down around 9:30 Avant Midi to start My first email to Ari the Criminal Krajden before war King My Way through the rest of today’s Roll Call.

Although it was not the first on today’s list, We’re introducing Jamie ‘the Malevolent’ Min first because Jamie was the first (and only) individual to respond. So far, the rest of these criminals have nothing to say for their Self.

And wouldn’t You know, We learn that both of the Claims have been discontinued! What a coincidence!!! It is amazing how these Claims just Magically disappear the same day I am as King to appear on behalf of My father and bcc My request to the Crown Law Office for Service on the Crown (for failing to provide the inform a Sean for Me when I was as King in September). I’m sure that’s also just a convenient coincidence.

So let Me get this straight… I send this email Notice of Appearance to address these Claims on January 4th and on the same day, both outstanding claims are discontinued!? Wow, I am really Good!!! It seems the moment every One finds out I am as King to address these Claims no One has any interest in proceeding! Amazing. However, it also means that I am entitled to compensate Sean for the false allegations.

Am I supposed to believe that Jove the Pathetic Ponniah was not aware that this took place on January 4th? He continues to deny Me the inform a Sean I’m as King for without even bothering to tell Me they’ve been discontinued? I have to wait another six weeks to find out they have been discontinued when My original letter to the Court obviously indicates the Matter is seriously stressing Me out, and that I’m concerned for the injured parties? Morally and ethically bankrupt or utterly incompetent, most likely a sufficient combination of both.

Well, look at that. Every One is just up and abandoning their Claims. No One even Wishing for costs! This is remarkable! What happened? Were the claimants lying, or was there some kind of deal reached? And why am I receiving bits and pieces of claims which I have to puzzle together?

We still have no Idea who is receiving documents for Joachim von Dehn and Tiffany Singh, We only know the Court of Record says they are ‘unrepresented’.


Ah, there We go!!! Now We are getting somewhere!!! Notice anything unusual about this document? It’s a brand new Claim, the CV is completely different, and the Insurance Company is Acting as attorney for My father without My knowledge or consent?

Well, as nice as that might sound, it isn’t doing Me any favours if they don’t tell any One what’s going on! Are they defending Tiffany, too? Were People hurt, were they compensated for their injuries? If an insurance company made an application for an ETDL (Estate Trustee During Litigation), I should have received Noticed and the Registry should have been updated so that My father does not Show as ‘UNREPRESENTED’.

It’s just additional evidence of all kinds of Applications and requisitions to the Court being made without Notice to any of the parties with an interest in the outcome of the proceedings, and made in violation of Rule 1.09 of the Rules of Civil Procedure.

I don’t even know what the motive is at this point! Good to know that all the Claims have Magically and Miraculously been discontinued, but was any One compensated, or was every One lying? There were counter claims and all kinds of things going on, People as King for costs, but every One is Magically satisfied the moment the King Shows up?

We really don’t believe in coincidences here.

We also followed up with Ari the Criminal Krajden to let him know he’s Creating a Scene on the world Stage in My Play House.

And of course, criminals have nothing to say, so Ari the Criminal Krajden says nothing. We also followed up with Jove the Pathetic Ponniah, Supervisor of Court operations for the Toronto Superior Court. Jove is such a pathetic Ponniah, that he is wondering why he is liable to Me? I was not thing King I would be required to explain to a Court supervisor the purpose of Court clerks war King for the Superior Court Registrar. Apparently, Jove the Pathetic Ponniah does not know that all of the parties to a Claim are Entitled to receive Notice of the Claim so they have an opportunity to participate in all Matters concerning One’s interests. I’m not entirely sure what it is Jove the Pathetic Ponniah believes the purpose of filing documents with the Registrar is if it is NOT to file documents onto the Court of Record and make sure all parties are served with documents, but it’s not a Secret he Wishes to tell Me, either.

A LOT of People downloaded the recording of My phone call with court clerk Kimberly Meredith, who can’t seem to get her story straight or explain why the Estate application is ‘private’, and why no parties are allowed to participate until after a Certificate Issues! Wow, that’s an interesting spin on Canada’s Justice system – and also entirely false. So, You know, I wanted the Supervisor of the Superior Court to know what kind of criminal conduct clerks are engaged in to see if he takes any Act-Sean, or if Jove Will just allow Michelle the Lawless Murphy, Kimberly the Malicious Meredith, and Carey the Terrible Thompson to continue colluding against Canada’s People as King for Justice.

We also forward all these emails to the Crown Law Office in Toronto for service on the Crown to let the Crown know what’s coming down the pipes so that the Crown can’t claim ignorance. Although ignorance is no excuse for the Law, no liars posing as lawyers in My experiences seem to know this. The Crown Law Office in Toronto should be letting the Minister of Justice and Attorney General know about this because Arif Virani is liable on behalf of the Crown at the federal level – he is essentially the Acting manager for the Superior Courts.

I don’t really expect much in the Way of competence from Arif the Vile Virani, as he has already shewn how despicable a Character he is by appealing the ruling of Honourable (federal) Judge, Richard Mosley, but at some point I figure the Crown Will have to real eyes how futile their situate Sean is.

Although the Ottawa Superior Court hasn’t had anything to say for a very long time, We don’t Wish to let them forget about Me altogether, and they Will have to respond to Me eventually. Either they ignore My non acceptance of Agent Smith’s decision for fraud, abdicate Sean of Oath and update the Court of Record so that I can appeal the Decision, or they enforce the Default Judgment awarded against opposing counsel in accordance with Rule 37.13 and the due process of service of Notice.

This is for the trial coordinator, Justice Sally A. Gomery and the Truth is, I’d like to remove Sally A. Gomery’s photo from the Record because I do believe she’s one of the Good ones despite having made mistakes in the past. I’m not going to retell the Story here, I’m just going to say that no judge would have more reason to discriminate against Me than Sally A. Gomery, yet she doesn’t discriminate at all in her Denial request for this Claim, she acknowledges that I believe My siblings are trespassing upon My Trust obligations and trying to deprive Me of My rightful share of the Estate assets (paraphrasing, but the Denial endorsement is included in the email to the Court, so do check it for Your Self). She’s also the only Judge who Styles the document and the parties to the Claim correctly (other than Somji, but Somji was just an adjournment hearing).

It is in fact one of the other serious problems for Hooper and Smith, because once a Judge sets precedence in a case, the other judges must follow suit, they don’t arbitrarily argue with another Judge’s decision. The Style of all future documents should mimic the Style (how letters are Spelled and CAPSIZED) of Sally A. Gomery in the Denial request. Makes it very hard for Hooper and Smith to suggest they did not know it was a Trust Claim, and ignorance really is no excuse for a Judge – that’s what the inform a Sean for Court use form is all about! Somji subtly reinforces this by reminding the parties how they Will address the ‘plaintiff representative’ for the hearing (and they all defy the Order anyway).

I am thing King this is finally the last one for today! Another Role, another Casting Call, this time for Rohit ‘the Seedy’ Sethi. At least We have lots of colourful Characters on the Main Stage!

Well, I am thing King that’s all for today, though I Will be doing more research and investigate Sean tomorrow and later this evening. Still lots of unanswered Quest-Ions. Is the determine a Sean to perpetrate fraud on the Court and get away with their crimes so great that the inured parties just abandoned their Claims without compensating any One the moment I Show up? Or was some kind of last minute deal made to try and cover this thing up?

More Quest-Ions than answers as We move toward the third Scene of Act II, where I Will be Presenting new Characters and firms with every new Scene until We have every One, so stay Focused on this Light House von Dehn Product-Sean.

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