Hello every One and welcome to the first Scene of the Second Act in ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’, and what a Fabulous Present a Sean We’ve had so far!!!

The Plot, like a simmering soup, just keeps getting thicker! In the final Scene of the First Act, We received a Statement of Defense dated December 8th, 2022! There are an awful lot of coincidences Showing up in Our Present a Sean as well.

The Elephant Logo represents Peace, Love, Truth and Strength, but it’s also a Symbol of My incredible memory. When I Write some One using their first and last name, I Will remember their name forever for as far as I know! I’m pretty sure I can remember the names of every teacher I’ve ever had, even if I only knew their last name. Consider how many liars posing as lawyers there are war King against Me right now (I am thing King last count was ten), never Mind all the State Actors I’ve Writ letters to. I don’t ever Write any One for no reason, and I’m tired of these Characters renting free rooms in My Play House. This is where I’m going to be Giving these Characters some Direct-Sean.

The reason the date is once again very conveniently timed, is because it coincidentally happens to be only one day after My sister produces her fraudulent Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee! Rather convenient that she receives the Certificate ‘just in time’ to receive a Statement of Defense the following day? Surely just a convenient coincidence, I’m sure it’s My father’s Holy Ghost that is receiving the documents.

I’m also reasonably sure that My uncanny memory is more than a little bit of a pain in the ass for My siblings because these are the kind of details that typically a legal team would pick up on – a paralegal or something Will be the one looking for links and convenient coincidences, not typically the main lawyer because they are too busy drafting materials relative to whatever inform a Sean they do immediately have on hand. A lawyer Will be war King on too many cases to be linking dates like this together, so they Will not even consider that I Will pick up on such minute details.

But Ari ‘the Criminal’ Krajden is the next liar posing as lawyer on Our Casting Call list, the Ghosts of Gosai Law get another break today, which I’m sure Sheena ‘the Sadist’ Sodhi Will be happy about. Here is the Statement of Defense which I forgot to include with the program for the last Scene of Act I.

My Goodness!!! Can You believe I still do not even have the Statement of Claim this Statement of Defense relates to? Jove Ponniah, SUPERVISOR of the Toronto Superior Courthouse, sends Me this instead of the Statement of Claim I’m as King for, and for which (to the best of My knowledge) is waiting to proceed because My father has no One to Present his case to the Court! Ambushed with even more inform a Sean, letting Me know that a lot more has taken place than what I know about, apparently!!!

And again, just when One is thing King that this could not possibly get more corrupt or twisted, Tiffany Singh, Joachim von Dehn, and Muskoka Home Care are all located at 1070 Hewitt St., an address that can’t even receive postal service, it requires a Post Office box for delivery, and My father hasn’t lived there since October 29th, 2019!

The entire address is fraud for service of documents to satisfy the requirement for the Court. But of course they Will not have service of documents on any parties because none of this is legit in the least! I’m also now guessing that Tiffany Singh doesn’t even have a clue, I really have no Idea what is going on, this Play is becoming an evolving crime drama mystery! It’s almost like a Hardy Boys book (I used to love those as a child, I had about seventy I think).

And who’s responsible for all this fraudulent service of documents? None other than Ari ‘the Criminal’ Krajden, such an expert in law that less than one percent of lawyers receive this level of exclusivity. Wow! The very best of the best is conspiring against Yours Truly and I believe he is the tenth lawyer in a long list of liars conspiring against Me.

Doesn’t he look like a charmer? Snake charmer maybe – but he’ll need better than that if he Wishes to deceive this King. Funny, for all his expertise, would You believe that so far, Ari has nothing to say?

There is also a forward to Jove ‘the Pathetic’ Ponniah and another bcc to the Crown Law Office for service on the Crown. Jove the Pathetic Ponniah is trying to Play this King for a Fool and pretending ignorance is bliss and that as the supervisor of the Court, he has no Idea that service of documents on all parties are required before any claims can be commenced or entered onto the Registry. I do sometimes wonder if I Will be teaching State Actors how to do their job one day (because I really don’t think any One ever has, it’s been the blind leading the blind since 1867).

We’ll have a wonderful summary of the week for Son Day’s Present a Sean. Thanks for letting Light House Product-Sean’s Illuminate Your evening!

Kawaguchi sounds so very Japanese, it is hard to believe that such a Spiritually cultured People can let their firm stray so far. What happened to Ari ‘the Criminal’ Krajden? You were so well respected by Your peers, and You turn to a Life of crime? Why? Any explain a Sean?

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