Hello every One and thank King or Queen You for joining the Universe City Play House Theatre for Act IV of Scene I, Starring Jove ‘the Pathetic’ Ponniah who appears to be attempting to come up with continuous excuses for not providing what I am as King him for and entitled by Law to have received a copy of three and a half years ago!!! Jove just keeps ‘gaslighting’ the fact that he’s in a lot of trouble already if he doesn’t have a Good explain a Sean for not having service of documents on all the parties to the Claim.

Even worse, today he sends Me a Statement of Defense from the other Claim against My father without ever having sent Me a copy of the Claim it Self?! I have no Idea what the Statement of Defense is in response to! And just when One was thing King this could not possibly get any more twisted and corrupt, it does!!!

According to the Statement of Defense, Tiffany Singh, Joachim Heinrich von Dehn and ‘Muskoka Home Service’ all Live at 1070 Hewitt St. Gavenhurst, Ontario – on the property that was unlawfully sold a year previously, apparently!!! More and more incredible details about this Court fraud are exposed every day!!!

Jove Ponniah attempts to gaslight Me again by insisting he HAS provided Me with both Claims, ‘check My email and spam’. I Will tell You right now, he knows damn well he didn’t send it and that it isn’t in My spam or junk folder. His email is in My address book and the email he claims it was sent from is flagged to Give Me special Notice (all emails from any Court).

My belief is some One is putting some pressure on him (finally) or just Giving him enough rope to hang him Self. Remember, all of these requests are either cc’d or bcc’d to the Crown Law Reception office for service on the Crown because I don’t Wish to be compelled to file a Claim against the Crown, but that Will be the only recourse if the Crown doesn’t resolve the Matter right now!

The entire fiasco is an absolute shit show! Makes for great entertainment here but it is an embarrassment for the Superior Courts of Ontario!

Is Jove seriously going to tell Me that Claims are proceeding against My father without the Court having any One appointed? The Court is proceeding against a dead Man? And who in God’s name is receiving for Tiffany?

It is almost unbelievable, something One would surely believe to be fiction, but this is actually happening right now in Canada’s Superior Courts. HAS Canada’s officially been overtaken by Nazis?

Seriously, this is North Korea or communist China type corruption and fascism (or at least as the fear mongering west Wishes Us to believe they are)! It’s really not a Good look for Canada, and especially bad taste for the Superior Courts.

It started with Notice of last night’s Show.

He knows damn well he has NOT provided both documents and this is infuriating.

Finally, he responds in the same thread where I quote Jove the Pathetic Ponniah’s own Words and Promise to Me.

I’m very clear about the fact that I Wish for the whole Claim, not just the front page, but the front page was all Jove Gave Me – and that’s not suspicious? My Friend was right beside Me when the email came in and she said, “he’s guilty and procrastinating.”

Of course he is! He responds with a STATEMENT OF DEFENSE without ever providing Me with the original Claim?! What?! This is the Court SUPERVISOR?!! How pathetic and hopeless is this Man?

Pathetic enough to be Given Notice of the Cause of Action for his Gross Malfeasance as a Supervisor of the Court engaging and colluding in Estate and Court fraud. What a gem this guy is!

But make no mistake about it, Arif Virani is just as incompetent because his FIRST duty and obligation should be to fire this fool and get some One competent to replace him and provide what I am as King for. But if he doesn’t Wish to do that, I’ll be as King of the Crown to pay My bill for Jove the Pathetic Ponniah’s incompetence and contempt.

Wouldn’t You know, a Good day for Jove Ponniah Gives the Ghosts of Gosai Law a day to disappear from the headlines and We know how much they Love to avoid accountability, so this Will be a Good Friday for them. We’ll be sure to have something ready for Sheena for tomorrow’s Product Sean, so stay tuned!

Lots of People downloading documents!!! (That’s always a Good Sign).

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