Hello every One and welcome to Scene III of Act I in ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’, Your Presence is a Treasured Gift in the Universe City Play House.

Today Will be a short Post because Tucker Carlson is Putin the west on Notice with the release of his interview with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and I can hardly wait to sit down to hear what the Wolf has to say to the sheep of the west.

Before I get into today’s Post, I do Wish to let the world know that Gosai Law is well aware of this Public a Sean and have plenty of opportunity to respond to defend their Honour, even if all they have is an apology.

The only factor any of these criminal have Truly war King in their favour, is that My Trust compels Me to for Give any One who is as King. But One cannot be for Given if One Will not take account ability for One’s Actions and be as King for Give-ness.

Nital’s Ghosts at Gosai Law Wish to run away and disappear instead. Must be that integrity they are tall King about on their website. Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai, Nancy ‘the Barker’ Barkhordari, and Francesca ‘the Fraudster’ Nosotti were advised this morning that if I do not receive a reply today, I Will presume that Jaipreet ‘the Jailbird’ Nanra Wishes to support and endorse Nital’s contempt, moral bankruptcy and criminal conduct, that she fully endorses all Actions of her firm’s Principal lawyer, Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai.

Jove’s been advised that the inform a Sean he’s withholding from Me has a dollar Value of $3 million, so that is exactly how much I am going to be as King for per diem in damages considering Jove Ponniah is allegedly Acting as associate Attorney General and supervisor for the Ontario Superior Court in Toronto. His charges should be significantly greater because he’s supposed to be the Man responsible for firing clerks of the Court who engage in fraud, he’s not generally supposed to be the One enabling and supporting clerks engaged in criminal conduct, withholding documents from Me.

Just before We go I’d like to thank every One for being here, I am very pleased with the turn out so far! We Will be back tomorrow and every weekday until We get the inform a Sean I am as King for. A lot of interesting downloads today, too – so thank King or Queen You kindly for that, too.

Alright, let Me see if Carlson’s visit to Russia Will help the west with respect to Putin things in perspective.

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