Hello every One and welcome to the latest Scene on the Main Stage of this Universe City Play House Theatre Product Sean, Your Presence is the most Valuable Gift One could Present.

Today Will be a very short Scene for Act I, Scene II, of ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy‘, primarily because ‘Ghosting’ is the go to defense strategy of Gosai Law, so I’m still waiting for a reply to My request for a copy of the Claim, service of the Claim on the parties to it, and same for the Discontinuance.

Gosai Law is required by the Rules of Civil Procedure in Canada, to provide proof of Service of the Claim on all parties to it before the Application can be processed onto the Registry. I am the primary Beneficiary as next of kin in Order of succession to the deceased, so I have the prior, natural right to Act as the Estate Trustee (to be asked first if the Court is required to appoint an Estate Trustee During Litigation (ETDL), according to the Succession Law Reform Act which governs intestate estates in the province of Ontario.

The Claim was processed and entered onto the Court of Record, which means it must have been served on someone. My father is dead, so who accepted the documents?

Even Gifted with the presumpt Sean of innocence, if Nital were wrongly deceived and believed whomever she served with the claim had legal and lawful right to Act for My father, there would be no reason to wait nineteen days to respond to Me! Even then it was only after tall King about how ignorant and unprofessional Nital the Ghost Gosai’s behaviour has been in My experiences, and Posting those experiences here. Nital STILL doesn’t provide any answers to My questions, but Orders a bitch from her firm to threaten Me with ‘civil’ Action if I don’t remove the Post complaining about Nital’s continuous contempt for the Rule of Law, professional misconduct and criminal malfeasance as Principal lawyer for Gosai Law. I tell You now, there is nothing ‘civil’ about threatening a King and accusing him of lies!!!

What a repute a Sean they are going for!

I do feel bad for colleagues of Nital the Ghost Gosai if any of them prove to have an ounce of integrity and were not complicit with Nital’s crimes. If any of the lawyers war King for Nital the Ghost Gosai are concerned about Nital’s criminal conduct and the Way she’s treating a Man who is looking for answers only their firm can provide and were legally and lawfully obliged to serve Me with over three years ago, they Will report Nital S. Gosai to the Law Society of Ontario and the local police for criminal prosecute Sean. You have inform a Sean I am legally and lawfully entitled to, are years overdue in Presenting to Me, and are choosing to withhold from Me, presumably because it Will only exploit further criminal trespasses with malicious intent to cause harm perpetrated by Your firm.

Any lawyer who supports the conduct of their firm’s Principal Lawyer, Nital the Ghost Gosai, is considered a conspirator to the fraud with criminal intent to cause a Man continuous, aggravated harm. Withholding the inform a Sean is causing Me harm, You are doing so deliberately, that is malicious intent to cause harm and every agent who supports it Will be accountable as a Willing co-conspirator.

So today it’s Jaipreet Nanra’s chance to Show Us if she Wishes to be a Star on the Main Stage of this Universe City Play House, or if she Will double down with Nital the Ghost Gosai to support her fraud and join her criminal cabal. How are You thing King she Will Play her Part?

I’ll Keep You Posted daily. A ‘no Show’ for Me always means there Will be a new Scene for Me to Play for You here.

Thanks for joining Me for Universal Pictures Special Present a Sean, see You again soon!

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