Hello every One and welcome to the Universe City Play House Feature Present a Sean of ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael, and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Conspiracy’, it is always a tremendous Honour to have the Gift of Your Presence in My House.

Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai and her criminal enterprise of liars posing as lawyers at Gosai Law conceded yesterday that they are in fact engaged in fraud with malicious, criminal intent to deprive Me of disclosure I am rightfully entitled to, and that they’ve been colluding with My siblings to keep this inform a Sean from Me since at least sometime before My sister’s application for a CAET was DENIED on April 20, 2020 for failing to obtain My consent!

No wonder Nital ‘the Ghost’ Gosai decided to pull a disappearing Act the moment I Show up to tell her I would Love to make sure her injured clients are duly compensated for the wrongdoings done to them by Tiffany Singh (and that We both have a bone to pick with this fraudster and gold-digging grifter and enemy of My father).

I mean, what is Nital going to say to a Man she’s been screwing over for almost four years? I tell her I’ve been worried sick about this Matter and gone through hell to get the inform a Sean, including a civil claim against My siblings. Really, I should have known the first day Nital didn’t reply to Me that she’d been conspiring with My siblings and betraying her own clients from day one – even the Friends in My Microcosm said this to Me, but were as King of Me to Give Nital the benefit of the doubt until Monday.

But really, I just handed over what would be the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket to any lawyer that were Truly interested in advocating for their client’s best interest – it is immediately highly suspect that Nital doesn’t reply to Me very promptly. To wait nineteen days before Giving Notice of Liability and Notice of Claim was very generous under the circumstances. I have legitimately lost sleep worrying about these complete strangers who have allegedly ‘discontinued’ their claim for unknown reasons on the exact same day My sister’s application for a CAET is denied, and a grand conspiracy against Me begins?

Even after being served with a Notice of Liability and Notice of Claim, Nital is so compassionate, sincere, and has such tremendous integrity, that she continues to ignore Me – absolute contempt for the Rule of Law, demonstrating that a morally bankrupt and potentially sociopathic narcissist Nital, the Ghost Gosai, is the Principal lawyer for Gosai Law. What an unequivocable, unwavering, tireless commitment to injustice and criminal malfeasance as an officer of the Court. And just when One is thing King that One could not possibly be more negligent, contemptuous, insensitive and cruel, Nital hides behind her bodyguard bitch and fellow narcissist, Nancy ‘the Barker’ Barkhordari and threatens to sue Me for complaining about her ignorance, contempt, criminal malfeasance, trespass and overall unprofessional, childish behaviour. I don’t think Nital was spanked enough as a child when she misbehaved. Her brother probably got beat for everything Nital did, just like Tanja Johnson would do to Me. Narcissists tend to flock together somehow, like they are magnetically drawn to one another.

They don’t even bother to tell Me that all My sleepless nights were for naught until AFTER they threaten Me with a lawsuit and I insist that I’m not the One Showing absolute negligence and or contempt for the Rule of Law, they are!!!

They concede this is True and finally tell Me that they discontinued the Claim on the same day My sister’s application was DENIED for failing to obtain My consent (an application made completely in Secret and in violation of the Rules of Civil Procedure, which is WHY it was rejected).

Obviously, when One makes false allegations against an individual, the individual is entitled to compensate Sean. So they have just conceded that they are liable to Me in the amount of $2 million for the false allegations, never Mind the harm done by failing to serve Me with the initial Claim in the first place, and allowing Me worry about injured parties senselessly for three and a half years – plus an additional nineteen days because Nital ‘just didn’t feel like getting back to Me to tell Me’?! Who are these heathens!!!

Francesca ‘the Fraudster’ Nosotti

I Promised Nital that not only would I not be removing the Post, I Will be providing a new mug shot of agent representatives of her firm because when One represents an organization, each part speaks for the whole organization, and each represents the Acts of the organization. Every One of theses individuals are all just Hands of the same body, and it’s one body that is causing Me harm, the corporation Gosai Law and all their representatives.

I’m so generous and kind, I’m even Gifting Nital the Ghost Gosai with a day off today because I am re-Casting Jove Ponniah as the Hand who Will be Acting on behalf of the Crown to provide Direct-Sean to these officers of the Court (liars posing as lawyers) so they understand how they are to Play their Part in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure.

A Claim cannot be processed by the Court without proof of service on the parties to it, and I need to know who this Claim was served upon, and if Jove doesn’t Wish to tell Me, We have another Court clerk in the position of supervisor and (allegedly) associate Attorney General abdicating his Oath to the Court and the Public to engage in fraud with malicious intent to trespass upon My right to participate in Matters concerning My interests.

So of course, the emails to Jove Ponniah are always either cc’d or bcc’d to the Crown Law Civil Intake office in Toronto for service on the Crown. If I Give Notice to the Crown of every Act of trespass perpetrated by the Crown, there is no need to Give sixty days Notice because they’ve been a party to the entire Show.

This IS the Crown’s opportunity to provide remedy and avoid a claim! Jove Ponniah was the Man appointed by God for the task because he’s the supervisor of the Court who is required to ensure service of the claim on all parties to it before processing the Claim onto the Court of Record.

The same applies to Gosai Law. The Common Law recognizes that if they don’t have anything to say in reply to My assertions and accuse a Sean’s, then it’s most likely because they don’t have one. The presumption of innocence only exists if One exercises the right to the presumption of innocence, which involves protesting accuse a Sean’s. If One ‘waives’ One’s right to protest the accuse a Sean, it is presumed they have no lawful excuse.

Remember, Gosai Law receives Notice of everything I Publish and are free to ‘correct’ the Record if any statements I’ve made are false.

Gosai Law get a Gift today because I’m not Casting any new Characters from their firm into My Play today. Tomorrow, however, We Will be doing a Post tall King about co-conspirator Jaipreet Nanra or Sheena Sodhi, though You Will have to stay tuned because I haven’t decided who the Lucky auditioner Will be!!!

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