Good evening every One and welcome to the Second Inter-Mission in Light House von Dehn’s very Special Universal Present a Sean of ‘The Story of Tiffany, Tanja, Michael and the Magnificent Estate Fraud Cons Piracy’, thank King all of You for Gifting Me with Your Presence in My Play House.

As today’s Title Will suggest, We left the last Scene with a Play Bill of $6,026.922.37 for the Original Charge of Trespass upon a Trust (or Testamentary) Instrument, plus $5 million for Rohit the Sacrilegious Sethi’s Role in the Estate Fraud Cons Piracy, $3 million for Greg the Grifting McConnel for stealing My father’s ashes and Giving them to Tiffany the Gold-Digging Grifter Singh, one million for each lawyer colluding against Me (eighteen), and another twelve million against each of the corporate agencies they represent, for a grand total of $44,026,922.37.

I was thing King I could be generous and make it an even forty-four million, but 37 is always a Sign from God, and We never ignore Signs from God. Besides, the daily (per diem) rate for March is $19,441.69, so they Will already have abused My kindness and generosity sufficient to offset any grace or relief it would have provided. Any Honourable lawyer would defend against these allegations if they were false, or be as King to negotiate a resolution to reduce the amount I’m as King for. By saying nothing at all, it is presumed they are guilty and feel what I am as King for is reasonable, they are just hoping the Law does not apply to them at this point.

This appears to be especially True for Ontario Superior Court Supervisor, Jove the Pathetic Ponniah who appears to believe that he and his clerks are above the Law. None of the fraud perpetrated against Me would be possible if liars posing as lawyers were following the Rules of Civil Procedure. They are all cheating, presumable because they are thing King I don’t know the Rules.

I may not be a lawyer but I am very Good at reading, Writing, logic and comprehension, and I have read the Rules of Civil Procedure all the Way through (there are a lot of parts One can just kind of glaze over because they Will never apply) more than once. What I discovered about the Rules I once perceived to be overly rigid, is that they make it virtually impossible for Common Law Principles integral to Justice to fail. The system only falls apart when People don’t Play by the Rules, and the clerks of the court are the Gate Keepers of the underworld in that regard. The coach of the Toronto Courthouse hasn’t been paying attention to his Gate Keepers and has been allowing for demons to Devil in the Law! (The link Will take You to Aliester Crowley’s Moon Card from the Thoth Tarot, which is all about Man’s commercial fiction of the Law).

In fact, one of the examples of the Rules are Rules 74 and 75 with respect to Estates. My sister’s lawyer unabashedly, shamelessly, states in her materials that she filed her application for a CAET in ‘accordance with Rule 74’. Rule 74 only applies to Estates Valued at less than $150,000 (at the time they filed, may have changed since), and only if they are uncontentious!!! If there is any dispute whatsoever among parties to an Estate, the Application must be made under Rule 75, (which requires a hearing where all parties have opportunity to participate). This is why My consent was so important because if they don’t have it, the application doesn’t qualify under the Rule, a new application would need to be filed under Rule 75 because a hearing is required. The first Act of fraud was filing as an uncontentious Estate application, attempting to get around My required consent.

Yesterday, I was as King of Jove the Pathetic Ponniah to once again forward My emails to Sally A. Gomery, trial coordinator for the The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim 22-89835, which was filed for the tort of trespass upon My Trust obligate-Sean’s because I believed My siblings were colluding to trespass upon My Trust and deprive Me of My rightful share of Estate assets – and that’s proves to be exactly what they were doing… And so much more!!!

Here are My last emails to Jove the Predator Ponniah. That’s right, Jove the Predator Ponniah has leveled down his Character by demonstrating incredible degrees of contempt. Degrees of contempt lower One’s Character level, Degrees of Know-ledge increase One’s Moral Highness and Mastery of Magic.

First, I have to disclaim to every One here that I don’t believe Sally A. Gomery has received My email. I believe clerks of the Ottawa Courthouse are also involved, so they’re not passing the message on because they know People Will get fired and criminally charged! I don’t believe ANY of the Judges related to this Matter have been Notified of My complaint because I don’t believe a judge Will ignore EVIDENCE of criminal conduct. I can Imagine a judge not believing My testimony in a Court of Law very easily (despite the fact it should never happen, every One should be presumed to be telling the Truth unless proved otherwise), but I don’t believe any judge faced with this amount of overwhelming evidence Will not take immediate Action.

So the first email is to let Jove the Predator Ponniah know this is My belief, and for the same reason he’s providing Me with bits and pieces of what I am as King for over a period of two months, and doing so privately so that his superiors don’t get to see what he’s providing to Me… Because everything he has provided to Me is EVIDENCE of FRAUD and gross violations of the Rules by Way of clerks under his watch allowing liars posing as lawyers to deprive Canadians of their right to participate in the Justice system, taking place in his Court!

Yeah, it’s a bit long, but I advise every One this time that Jove the Predator Ponniah is antagonizing and further aggravating Me by suggesting he doesn’t have any Issues with the clerks of his Court not having the required documents necessary for processing Claims with his Court, and in particular, service of the Claim on the parties expected to defend against it! He’s also suggesting there is nothing at all unusual about having all of these additional documents that haven’t been processed to the Court of Record. Is he going to blame all of this on ‘covid delays’ as well? Not processing documents onto the Court of Record when they are received is FRAUD because it is NOT optional!

I also advise him that I’ve been patient long enough, and that he only has until 5:00 Wednesday afternoon, March 6, 2024 to get back to Me.

And of course, that was yesterday, meaning he did not get back to Me before 5:00 PM, confirm a Sean that he’s NOT forwarding My emails to the trial coordinator, and Sally A. Gomery probably has no Idea. I’m confident her Honour Will not be very happy when she finds out!

I do believe the Acts of Jaye Hooper and Marc E. Smith were done with malicious, criminal intent to gaslight Me presuming I’d be a pushover because I’m not a liar posing as a lawyer, I’m a King in a constitutional Democratic Monarchy founded upon the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, so I Will not be absolving them of criminal liability without a Hand Writ Letter of apology, Sealed with their thumbprint in blue to re-Mind them of their posit-Sean in Commercial Admiralty with respect to the Navigate-Sean (Navy Gate) of citizen ships.

In My last email Letter to Jove the Predator Ponniah, I also advise him that if his Court Truly is impartial, I Will be Showing him what Canada’s Criminal Code has to say about Jove’s conduct as the Man liable for the clerks of his Court. Today I Kept My Good Word and Jove the Predator Ponniah was finally and officially charged, ‘like a bull in a China shop’.

Today is also a Celebrate Sean and provide Tribute to My father in Heaven, Joachim Heinrich von Dehn, who would be Celebrating his eighty-second name day if he were still with Us today. God has Commanded Me to Honour My Father and they Will have to kill Me before I Will allow such profane falsehoods and heresy to remain on the Record without consequence.

Cause and effect, the tides are beginning to turn. Any guesses what the next Act Will be? No clues, though I may provide some in a future inter-Mission, setting the Stage for the next Scene, plotting Our course so that all Actors can find their Mark on the world Stage.

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